6 August 2006 – 26 January 2007


Across the Black

Soil Plains

George W Lambert


George W Lambert lived and worked in the Warren district during the late 1880s producing a number of significant works. Across the black soil plains depicts a loaded wool wagon straining through the muddy plains around Warren on its way to the railway in Nevertire. The painting will be displayed adjacent to the Australian Hero wool wagon from the Dubbo Regional Museum collection.


Installation view:
George W Lambert Across the black soil plains 1899
Oil on canvas 91.6 x 305.5 Purchased in 1899
Collection: Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
& Australian Hero Wagon 1915
Collection Dubbo Regional Museum

2 June - 26 August 2007


Westside Memories


This exhibition documents contemporary cultural life in Dubbo through a series of aural and visual records of current events, and individual stories. This exhibition has evolved through a series of photographic workshops run through Western Institute of TAFE. Students from TAFE have aurally and visually recorded the dismantling of the homes on the Gordon Estate documenting current events which explore their social identity.

Laura Salt

Gordon Estate 2006

Digital Photograph

Image © Laura Salt

20 January – 4 March 2007


David Jensz


David Jensz lives and works in Murrumbateman, NSW. Influenced by ideas that suggest there may be more dimensions to our universe than four dimensional space and time, he likes to work with ideas that are yet to be proved and incorporates an element of fantasy in his work. This exhibition is a survey of his most recent work.

David Jensz, Unbounded Space 2005
Rubber tyre tubes, Steel, Compressed air
123 x 167 x 428 cm Collection of the Artist
Image © David Jensz

2 December – 11 March 2007


Every Time I Peel a Pumpkin…and

Other Musings

Mary Dorahy


Mary Dorahy is a local artist who works in print media. She has just completed two artist-in-residency programs at Visy Industries, Brisbane. The cardboard box making facility became the site for Mary to investigate the container as an analogy for the communication of cultural information. Mary uses the cardboard boxes as a surface for her printed images. This exhibition explores the notion of the body as a container for experience.


Mary Dorahy

Every time I peel a pumpkin I think of Dick Watkins 2005
Screenprint Collection the artist
Image © Mary Dorahy

13 January - 18 March 2007


On the Banks of the Macquarie: 3 Decades on

Graham Mackie


Graham Mackie is inspired by the landscape around him and he has particular interest in the river systems around the Dubbo region. His large scale drawings, paintings and photographs of the Macquarie River and its tributaries, investigate the uniqueness of this system and are based on his observations and interpretations of the landscape.

Graham Mackie

Whylandra Bend 2006

acrylic on canvas 100 x 200cm Collection of the Artist
Image © Graham Mackie

3 February – 8 April 2007

Dream On

This exhibition examines the influences of lifestyle, and popular culture of the 1950s-1970s on Australian culture and its impact on contemporary art practice. Artists growing up from this period have remembered the toys they play with and reminisced about their childhood to explore how culture and lifestyle have dramatically changed. This is a Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre touring exhibition.

Neal Smith

If we are to be dominated 2006 Plywood and synthetic polymer 230 x 130 x 150cm
Image courtesy of Damien Minton Gallery
Image © Neal Smith

10 March - 29 April 2007


Minutes to Midnight

Trent Parke


Trent Parke lives in Sydney and is the only Australian photographer represented by the celebrated Magnum group and has exhibited nationally and internationally. Minutes to Midnight is a dark, sensual and apocalyptic vision of contemporary Australia that began as a road trip which he embarked on with his partner in 2003. This is an Australian Centre for Photography touring exhibition.

Neal Smith

If we are to be dominated 2006

Plywood and synthetic polymer

230 x 130 x 150cm
Image courtesy of Damien Minton Gallery
Image © Neal Smith


17 March – 6 May 2007

Tomorrow Land

Callum Morton


In today’s globalised world, would you really be surprised when you next visit the Louvre to find that the famous pyramid has been turned into a Hungry Jacks? This is the futuristic vision that Callum Morton has projected in this exhibition. According to the curator, Stuart Koop, this exhibition provides a context in which to consider Australia, India and a myriad of other places where architectural styles have been applied in the name of progress and improvement. This is a NETS Victoria touring exhibition.

Callum Morton

Farnshaven, Illinois 2001 From the series Local +/or General Digital print on aluminium 94.5 x 133.25 cm (image size) Courtesy the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney; Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne; Gimpel Fils, London; and Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles Image © Callum Morton

24 March - 27 May 2007


The Angel or the Beast

Caroline Foster King Danahar

An exhibition of work by Caroline Foster King Danaher that embraces current issues and themes through works on paper and canvas. "These drawings come from my own life’s experiences. They draw on deep feelings, but I believe they are universal. I try to explore and reflect on the extraordinary ability of humans to hold on and to let go. I also concern myself with the torn apart self and the separate self that exists secretly, or openly, along side ‘the other.’"

Caroline Foster King Danaher

Beastly Angel 2007 Charcoal, conte on paper 77 x 57cm

Image © Caroline Foster King Danaher

3 February – 27 May 2007


200 Years of Wool


An exhibition of paintings depicting the history of merino wool in Australia. These works were commissioned by a group of woolgrowers, know as ‘The Wool Partners” for Australia’s bicentennial celebrations and were produced by the late Orange based artist, Greg Turner. This exhibition maps the fortunes of the industry and its position in the Australian economy. It also celebrates the diversity of wool production in a range of climates and environments.

Greg turner (1938-1992)

The Lambing (Bill Ferguson’s Nevertire Property) c1987
Oil on Board 73 x 119cm Collection Dubbo City Council

12 May - 10 June 2007

Waste to Art - Regional

NetWaste is a collaborative waste management project that comprises 31 councils, covering approximately one-third of NSW. The Waste to Art Project involves community exhibitions in participating council areas showing creative works made from recyclable waste material. This exhibition is the Regional Competition and will showcase the winning entries from each of the local competitions. 

Joel Polak

For the Love of Beer 2006

Bottle tops, cutlery, clock

Winner Primary Craftworks

14 April - 10 June 2007

From the Collection: Animal in Art

This exhibition will showcase how artists have embraced the Animal in Art theme in their work. Works have been selected from the Dubbo Regional Gallery permanent collection and reveals a diversity of subject matter and media.

Ann James

After Dusk c1997 Watercolour over photocopied charcoal pencil drawing Frame: 43.2 x 58.4 cm Window: 23.0 x 27.5 cm Collection Dubbo Regional Gallery Purchased with funds provided by Elders Ltd to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Dubbo City
Image © Ann James

12 May - 8 July 2007

Sights Unseen
Michael Riley

This exhibition explores the prolific talents of a quiet observer whose photo media including black-and-white portraiture, video, digital media and film continues to have a profound effect on Australia’s contemporary representation and comprehension of Indigenous Australia. Riley worked successfully as an artist and cultural activist until his death in 2004 and is considered one of Australia’s most important contemporary artists. This is a National Gallery of Australia travelling exhibition assisted by Visions of Australia.

Michael Riley

Untitled from the series cloud 2000 by Michael Riley
chromogenic pigment print, printed 2005 110.0 (h) x 155.0 (w)cm
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra © Michael Riley, Licensed by The Michael Riley Foundation and VISCOPY, Australia, 2006

12 July - 2 September 2007

From Space to Place

From Space to Place presents new works created by 14 early-career Australian artists during their 2004 residency at the International Art Space Kellerberrin (IASKA), 210 km east of Perth in the heart of the Western Australian wheatbelt. Includes works by Hayden Fowler, Izabela Pluta, James Lynch and Raquel Ormella.

Matthew Hunt

Heliport Kellerberrin 2004 10 x digital prints 16 x 24cm

Work courtesy of artist

16 June - 29 July 2007

Klaus Moie

Klaus Moje is an internationally renowned glass artist who has an extensive exhibiting career. He is considered to be one of the founding fathers of the contemporary Australian glass movement. His practice embraces collaboration and innovation, most significantly in the development and exploration of the combination of glass blowing and kiln firing techniques. Moje is best known for his coloured vessels, wall panels and his exacting attention to technique. He creates laminated colour fields of intense repetitive geometric and abstract patterns, often referring to the landscape. An Object Gallery exhibition toured by Museums & Galleries NSW.

Klaus Moje

Impact Series 2004

Mosaic Glass, Fused, Kiln-Formed and Wheel Carved

75 x 535 x 535 mm Image © Klaus Moje

2 June - 29 July 2007

Catherine Jones

An exhibition of work by Catherine Jones that explores relationships between the shapes and forms of the body and drapes and folds of cloth. The paintings, drawings and etchings reveal a concern with art history and the artists desire to render the anatomy and drapery in symbolic and resonant ways.

Catherine Jones

Gutsymmetries (detail) 2007 Oil on board 122.6 x 92.6cm (1 of 4 panels)

Image © Catherine Jones

1 - 30 September 2007

90 Years of Secondary Education in Dubbo

This exhibition celebrates the history of Public Secondary Education in Dubbo since its inception 90 years ago. The exhibition will feature many photographs, objects and memorabilia from the collection of various Dubbo schools and former students. It will be a unique insight into the history of Education in the west, and fittingly staged on the former site of Dubbo High School.

Photographer unknown

Dubbo High School 1917

Gelatin Silver Print Collection Dubbo College Senior Campus

Image © Dubbo College Senior Campus


3 September - 1 October 2007

In The Wings
Nicholas Hurford

In The Wings is a series of images shot during the recent Dubbo Amateur Theatrical Society’s run of ‘The Hot Mikado’. The images present a glimpse of the drama and activity behind the scenes during a theatrical performance.

Nicholas Hurford

Three steps to the end of your life 2006 Digital image

Image © Nicholas Hurford

8 September - 11 November 2007

Eye To Eye

Eye to Eye brings together work by contemporary artists who are exploring our complex relations with animals at a time when the animal and human interaction is coming increasingly under scrutiny. Eye to Eye investigates the extent to which the gaze and reciprocal gaze between humans and animals are critical to the animal-human relationship.

Kate James

The World is a Dangerous Place 2004 Pegasus Print, 51 x 68 cm

Image © Kate James

8 September - 25 November 2007

The Short & Incredibly Happy Life of Riley

Humans live for a long time and a lot of that time we are not very happy. Rats, however, live for a short time and are happy all the time. The Short & Incredibly Happy Life of Riley written by Colin Thompson and illustrated by the mysterious Amy Lissiat, won the Children’s Book Council Picture Book of the Year Award in 2006.

Amy Lissiat

The Short & Incredibly Happy Life of Riley 2005 Digital image

Image © Amy Lissiat

16 June - 2 September 2007

Burai Yabbering

This exhibition features works by students from Dubbo West Public School after workshops with Indigenous Artists Mervyn Bishop, Paul Taylor and Elaine Russell. The works explore identity and contemporary issues through, painting, drawing and photography.

Mervyn Bishop Students at Dubbo West Public School with Workshop Tutor Paul Taylor 2007 Photograph Image © Mervyn Bishop


4 August - 30 September 2007

(Colour Shade) I Can Be Everything To Everyone
Sarah-Mace Dennis

Colour Shade) I can be everything to everyone explores subjectivity and landscape, uncovering relationships between notions of isolation, desire, belonging and place. Shot in and around Hill End – a historic gold mining village in regional NSW, the series takes interest in the residual energy that can be sensed in old buildings and landscapes, reflecting on the way that this energy resonates and creates tension between the historical and contemporary. 

Sarah-Mace Dennis

The Two Sarahs 2007 Lambda Print

Image © Sarah-Mace Dennis

4 August - 30 September 2007

2007 $35 000 Country Energy Prize For Landscape Painting

The Country Energy Art Prize is open to artists who live within the utility's network distribution area, covering most of the state from the coast to the outback, regional cities to small rural towns. Equivalent in prize money to the esteemed Archibald Prize, the prize goes a long way towards raising the profile of regional artists who are often geographically isolated from city galleries, buyers, contacts and networks.

Tim Winters

Bare Bones / Channel Country 2007 mixed media on canvas

Winner of 2007 $35,000 Country Energy Art Prize for Landscape Painting

Image © Tim Winters

22 December 2007 - 17 February 2008

Unsafe Passage
Emma Wise

This exhibition is an installation of interactive sculptures by Emma Wise, inspired by her relationship to the sea. Crafted out of polystyrene, these simple elegant forms create an ever-changing and kinetic experience as the viewer walks through the space.

Emma Wise

Unsafe Passage 2005-6

Polystyrene, lead Dimensions variable

Image © 2007 Emma Wise

17 November 2007 - 27 January 2008

Parliament of New South Wales Indigenous Art Prize 2007

The Parliament of New South Wales Indigenous Art Prize has an award of $20,000, and is awarded annually to a NSW Indigenous Artist. The Art Prize was established in 2005 has been developed in partnership between the Parliament of New South Wales and Campbelltown Arts Centre, and receives support from Arts NSW. The Prize is an important step in recognising the great wealth of artistic excellence in NSW Indigenous communities.

Milton Budge
Ration day times (Collecting rations and rations) (detail)

acrylic on canvas 55 x 120cm
Image: Ian Hobbs © Milton Budge

Winner of the Parliament of New South Wales Indigenous Art Prize 2007

6 December 2007 - 12 January 2008

Life & Light In The Western Catchment
1998 - 2007

Suzanne Mansel, Bourke

Nature's beauty at the Mutawintji 2007

Photograph Image © 2007 Suzanne Mansell


The photographs in this collection were used by the Western Catchment Management Authority to create a commemorative screensaver celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Life and Light in the Western Catchment photographic competition.

These 115 images have been chosen from more than a thousand submitted between 1998 and 2007 that capture the Western Catchment of NSW: our

country, our life, our future. The photographs reflect the changing seasons of the Western Catchment: from droughts to flooding rains; good times and bad. During good years the photographs often feature the life-giving nature

of water while the prolonged drought years have prompted images of resilience and bush humour. Each year one or more themes is set, which have included: My Favourite Place; Year of the Outback; Life Goes On; and Biodiversity at its Best.

6 October 2007 - 27 January 2008

Tattoos & Piercings -  
A Human Canvas

This exhibition is a balanced overview of trends in tattoos and body piercings and covers the good, bad and ugly side of body decoration. It is a photographic survey of the sub cultures associated with tattoos and body piercing. Images range from details of piercings, Celtic designs, Bandido bikers, tattooing application, to fashionable and glamour subjects. History, design styles, interesting facts and health issues are also examined.


Pam Hall

Nicki, May 2005 2005

High resolution digital image Image © Pam Hall

1 - 16 December 2007

Waste To Art -
Local Competition

NetWaste is a collaborative waste management project that comprises 31 councils, covering approximately one third of NSW. The Waste to Art Project involves community exhibitions in participating council areas showing creative works made from recyclable waste material. This exhibition is the Regional Competition and will showcase the winning entries from each of the local competitions.

Ian Taylor

Hot Seat 2006 Mixed media Image © 2007 Ian Taylor

3 November 2007 - 27 January 2008

Textile Architecture: Antique Garphic Quilts From The Annette Gero Collection

Dr Annette Gero is an independent curator and an expert on quilts. She has written numerous articles and is known throughout the world as The Quilt Lady. Dr Gero's passion is for old quilts, the stories behind them and the origin of quilting as we know it now. Dr Gero's collection of old and antique quilts is recognised as an Australian national treasure.

Star Barber Pole with Border Quilt c1870

Collection Annette Gero

8 December 2007 - 27 January 2008

Heydy Matinez

This exhibition presents work by Blue Mountains-based artist Heydy Martinez. Her work draws from '....examining the everyday little things that hold inspiring marks. The things I see day in and day out on a country highway vary from road kill, memorials, shredded tyres, a baby booty, road signs, mounds of gravel and soil. It is these things that I use as a reference to my mark making. I see the landscape as it twists, distorts and manifests shadows that form dark illusions.'

Heydy Martinez

Bitumen 2007 Perspex plates 20 x 8cm & 45 x 10cm

Image © 2007 Heydy Martinez