2010 Exhibitions

The annual Waste to Art exhibition enables the community to create works of art using everyday waste as the medium. Increasingly popular, Waste to Art celebrates thinking ‘outside the box’, shocking and surprising the viewer whilst commenting on our throw-away culture.

Waste to Art installation view 2009

Image © WPCC

11 December 2010 - 13 February 2011


 Waste to Art



27 November 2010 - 30 January 2011


 Recent Works

Ross Laurie + David McBride


An exhibition developed and curated by Tamworth Regional Gallery showcasing recent works by Walcha artist Ross Laurie and Mendooran artist David McBride. Inspired by their respective environments, both artists use colour intuitively, creating works of things seen and experienced. Laurie creates heavy impasto surfaces with paint while McBride uses thin washes but both create paintings that engage the eye and the mind simultaneously.

David McBride April 09 No. 2 2009

Acrylic & oil on canvas,
152.5 x 122cm
Image © David McBride

27 November 2010 - 30 January 2011


 Twenty / 20 - 21st

Century Painting

Vying for attention with more recent forms of artistic expression- installation, video and performance - the tradition of painting continues to attract dynamic artists who adapt the medium to tackle contemporary issues. Twenty/20 presents a snapshot of this diverse and flourishing mode of practice through the work of 20 artists who have shown at leading Sydney artist-run space MOP Projects in recent years.

Angus Wood Climate Changer 2009

oil on canvas, 102 x 84cm. Image © The Artist

13 November 2010 - 6 February 2011


 What I Wanted to Show You

Katherine Simms

This exhibition explores the artist’s relationship to her mother who passed away in 2000. A deeply personal exhibition, What I Wanted To Show You is an expression of an unspoken dialogue with her mother, recalling the events of the artist’s life. The works attempt to explore “the façade of our public persona and our private hidden feelings.”

Using printmaking (linocuts and embossing) as well as sculpture, Simms’ work is a visual extrapolation of emotion, loss, aspirations, desires and regrets. Katherine Simms lives and works in Stanwell Park, NSW.

Katherine Simms

My Mother's Chair 2008

Linocut 28 x 18.5cm
Image © Katherine Simms

6 November 2010 - 30 January 2011


 Modernism and Dubbo

Marion Hall Best



Regarded by many as the founder of Australian interior design, Marion Hall Best was the arbiter of modern taste from the 1930s through to the 1970s. Characterised by an adventurous and sophisticated use of colour, Marion brought a variety of design classics to Australia for the first time, Marimekko cottons and Thai silks, Japanese temple blinds and lights and avant garde Italian, American, Scandinavian and Australian furniture. Born Marion Esdail Burkitt in 1905 in Dubbo, Marion Hall Best had a charmed childhood where the freedom to explore alongside the light and colour of the Western Plains would have a profound influence on her future.

This exhibition has been curated by Jessica Moore in conjunction with Historic Houses Trust.

Marion Hall Best dressed in Marimekko (detail) 1968

Image courtesy Australian Style.

Produced and styled by Babeete Hayes abd photography by Rodney Weidland.
Image © 2010 Australian Style.


16 October 2010 - 21 January 2011


 Picturing The Old People

Genevieve Grieves




In Picturing the Old People, Genevieve Grieves explores the pictorial construction of Aboriginality. Using examples from nineteenth century studio photography, she examines the relationship between photographers and their subjects, and the photographers' motives - ranging from the pursuit of anthropological information to the quest to record a 'dying race'.

The use of video by the artist re-animates images from the past, while telling alternate stories of Aboriginal history.

Genevieve Grieves

Picturing the Old People (detail) 2005

5-channel video, single channel audio installation.

Created as part of the Creative Fellowship Program, State Library of Victoria.

Image © 2010 Genevieve Grieves

25 September - 7 November 2010


 People Matter

Gil Pedrana



Gil Pedrana is an artist living and working in Dubbo. The exhibition features a cross section of outstanding people who contribute much to Dubbo society, from all walks of life, people who have made a career of fighting for improvements to the City, helping others through their anguish, or voluntarily helping folk in need.

Gil Pedrana, Kevin Saul (detail) 2010
Watercolour on canvas
Image © Gil Pedrana

9 October - 21 November 2010


 Early Work From The MGA Collection

Bill Henson

Bill Henson: early work from the Monash Gallery of Art collection will provide local audiences with the opportunity to view some of the most powerful and beautiful photographs made by one of Australia’s best-known contemporary photographers. The exhibition includes fine examples of the artist’s major series from 1977―92, including his early photographs of crowds, his 1985―86 studies of suburban youth, and his wonderful Paris Opera series of 1990. While many of us are by now familiar with Henson’s images through reproduction, the opportunity to view his actual photographs offers a much richer visual experience, and a deeper appreciation of his art.

Bill Henson, Untitled 1985–86
from a series of 154
chromogenic print
Monash Gallery of Art, City of Monash Collection
acquired 1988
Image © Bill Henson

14 August - 21 November 2010


 On Assignment

Max Dupain



From the National Archives of Australia, this exhibition features numerous Max Dupain photographs that have never been seen before. While Dupain is famous for his artistic photographs, over the years he also used his camera to earn a living, working for government departments and companies such as CSR Limited.


This exhibition features eye-catching examples of his government images from the National Archives’ collection, along with photographs he took for CSR Limited from the Noel Butlin Archives Centre at the Australian National University, Canberra. They include corporate and advertising shots, as well as images of life on the canefields.

Max Dupain, Grocer Serving Sugar, 1948
Silver gelatin print
Image courtesy of National Archives of Australia
Image © Max Dupain

4 September - 5 December 2010


 Artist at Work

Tim Winters


Tim Winters lives and works in Stuart Town. A painter and printmaker, Tim will transform, over a period of eight weeks, the gallery space into his studio. Visitors are encouraged to engage with Tim, adding their voice to his developing body of work.

Tim Winters
Mixed media on canvas
Collection of the artist
Image © Tim Winters

7 August - 19 September 2010


 Red Shed

Leah-Nicole Torbay


Leah-Nicole Torbay is an artist living and working in Armidale. The Regional Art Space will be transformed into a brainstormed chamber of eclectic ideas, offering a new perspective on what it means to live in country Australia.

Leah-Nicole Torbay, Red Shed, 2010
Acrylic on Plywood, 20x25cm
Image © 2010 Leah-Nicole Torbay.

14 August - 3 October 2010


 Women Transported: Life in Australia's Convict Female Factories

Women Transported – Life in Australia’s Convict Female Factories explores convict women’s experience in the 12 female factories established in early colonial Australia.


It is estimated that one in five Australians has a female factory ancestor, yet very little of their material culture survives. The contribution of these women is largely ignored and yet they are ‘mothers of the nation’ and were the women with grit who survived the dire conditions of late 18th Century and early 19th century Britain. They survived the high seas and were trans-located to a totally unfamiliar place to them. They were then subject to an experimental society, an often harsh penal system, and were outnumbered at times by men six to one. This exhibition includes objects and artworks that tell the stories of these forgotten women.

Parramatta Female Factory, Undated,
Society of Australian Genealogists collection

31 July - 31 October 2010


 The Chrissy Diaries

Anthea Behm


The Chrissy Diaries (2003-2008) is a body of work that re-examines bastions of idealised femininity, which have been preserved by mass media and scrutinized by feminist discourse. This work focuses on four female stereotypes, namely The Princess, The Airhostess, The Cheerleader and The Bikini Model. By participating in the activities constituting each stereotype through the persona of a character called Chrissy, this project explores the extent to which values perpetuated by mass media shape subjectivity and society, at an experiential level.

Anthea Behm The Chrissie Diaries 2005-09
Installation view
Synchronised 4-channel video installation
36 minute loop
Image © 2010 Anthea Behm

31 July - 31 October 2010



The Phillip Harding Collection


Local resident Phillip Harding has been collecting for almost as long as he can remember. What began as an occasional interest has grown over the years into a stunning collection that ranges across some of the greatest civilisations the world has known. Egyptian, Roman, Persian, and Chinese objects (among many others), some dating back thousands of years, tell of humanity’s ingenuity, skill, and passion in making and remaking their material worlds. An exhibition that gets to the heart of what, and why, we collect.

Image © WPCC

Recycled Library: Altered Books is an exhibition that traces a history of altered books in Australia through the work of seventeen artists. The works featured in the exhibition incorporate found books presented as sculptures, wall-based collages, artists' books, or as photographs.


The exhibition focuses on works that have a conceptual, political or social concern. Many of the works in the exhibition explore the reliance on the printed text as a vehicle for cultural migration. This is a touring exhibition from Artspace Mackay

3 July - 8 August 2010


 Recycled Library:

Altered Books



David Sequeira Life and all its marvels 2007. Book, digital prints, collage.Collection Artspace Mackay, Mackay Regional Council.

In 2009 the Greater Western Area Health Service initiated a project with the aim to provide people living with mental illness an opportunity to document their journey, stories and views using photography as a medium. This exhibition reveals the power of art to communicate complex social issues, encouraging understanding and conversation.

Artwork supplied by Janine Anderson

31 July - 8 August 2010


 Through My Eyes



Tonya Graham is an artist living and working in Millthorpe. This exhibition will explore the marks we make, which in turn become the residues we leave behind. By carefully building up, and erasing, layers, Tonya creates powerful images that confronts and challenges the viewer to consider the marks they make.

Tonya Graham, Number 1, 2010
Mixed media, 140x240cm
Image © Tonya Graham.

26 June - 1 August 2010


 Residue and Remains

Tonya Graham


A selection of artworks made by students from across the Greater Western Region, iVisualise showcases and encourages the talents, passions, and concerns of the regions’ youth.

5 June - 29 August 2010





Artwork supplied by Janine Anderson.

From 1919 to 1966, the Aborigines Welfare Board (AWB) took thousands of pictures of Aborigines under its care. They include snaps of workmates at building sites, couples getting married, children at play and young women taken from their families to train as maids at Cootamundra Girls School.


In Living Memory, a touring exhibition from New South Wales State Records (which now holds the collection) brings these memories to life. Using a series of iconic images from the collection, as well as text to fill out the stories of some of those photographed, this exhibition touches on many issues that affected, and continue to affect people today, including the Stolen Generation and those living on reserves.

15 May - 25 July 2010


 In Living Memory



Wedding photo of Leslie Howell & Eileen Carrol
and Tom Jones & Minnie Howell,
Brewarrina Mission 1925
Reproduced with permission of Lola Dennis, Walgett
and approval of NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

29 May - 25 July 2010


 Video Dome



Video Dome is an innovative, new media exhibition inspired by the sublime. It aims to capture the infinite and indefinable aspects of nature and the universe, and pushes the boundaries of contemporary art into the domain of planetariums and science museums.


The program features fish-eye projections which play continuously on a 20 minute loop, accompanied by a complimentary soundtrack. The viewer is immersed in a full sensory experience, surrounded with vision and sound, inside a 5 metre inflated dome. This exhibition runs every hour during weekdays, and every half hour on weekends. Please note the Dome is an enclosed dark space; some individuals may experience difficulty entering the Dome.

Mixmaster Aurora, 2003-08
Video still #3. 20min duration
Image © 2010 Brian Mclave/ George Millward

The Blake Society, named after the visionary artist and poet, William Blake, is an independent organization that administers an annual Exhibition and Prize for contemporary religious and spiritual art.


The aim of the Blake Society is to encourage contemporary artists to explore the spiritual in art. They hoped that the establishment of a prize would encourage artists of disparate styles and religious allegiances to create significant works of art with religious content. Today its members hope to stimulate the interaction of ideas and spiritual thought in contemporary Australian art.


The Blake Prize for Religious Art is presented by the Blake Society

15 May - 27 June 2010


 The 58th Blake Prize For Religious Art



John McRae Madonna – Ascension, 2009
Photographic print
105 x 80cm
Image © John McRae

8 May - 20 June 2010


 No Place Like Home?

Rosalie Rigby


The paintings reflect the artist's ongoing relationship with the countryside in which she lives. In this sense it is local and in the application of the paint it is immediate. The artist's working process may include drawing, using collage, representational paint sketches etc prior to starting the main painting. These are done not to obtain a preliminary sketch which is then to be used on the canvas but as a way of increasing a sensitivity and perception of line, colour and the sense of the place at that particular time. The works can be seen as semi-abstract but all painting is an abstraction as a three-dimensional world becomes a two-dimensional one. The division between an object and its background is an arbitrary line determined not by our naïve seeing but rather by our knowing.

Rosalie Rigby Valley landscape
Oil on canvas 50cmx60cm
Image © Rosalie Rigby

8 May - 20 June 2010



 Katie Barton

Memorial Exhibition



A retrospective of a well renowned Wellington artist and great supporter of the arts.

Image © Katie Barton

24 April - 25 July 2010


 Joseph Banks and the Flora of the Australian

East Coast


This exhibition features coloured engravings of Sydney Parkinson's original drawings which recorded the coastal plants collected between Sydney and far north Queensland by Sir Joseph Banks and Dr Daniel Carl SOlander, on Captain James Cook's first voyage round the world, 1768-1771.


Sydney Parkinson completed 1,300 sketches and watercolours of botanical specimens and landscape views durind his voyage on the Endeavour. He died on the return leg to England.


Joseph Banks commissioned five artists to complete Parkinson's watercolours and eighteen engravers to cut copper printing plates to publish the illustrations in full colour. The Publication never eventuated and Banks' collection was transferred to the British Museum in 1827.



Banksia serrata
Artist John Frederick Miller
© Natural History Museum, London
ANMM Collection Gift from Dr and Mrs E Schiller

8 May - 20 June 2010


 Come By Chance

Madeline Winch


Come by Chance is a much loved and acclaimed children’s book by the highly regarded artist Madeleine Winch, who is based at Stuart Town

A warm and gentle story about friendship and the joy to be found in providing shelter and hospitality to those in need, Come by Chance …

Madeline Winch Come by Chance (Jacket Cover – Front), 1988
Colour pencil and watercolour on paper, 17.5 x 17.5 cm
Collection Dubbo Regional Gallery
Purchased with funds donated by Friends of Dubbo Regional Gallery Inc

20 March - 9 May 2010



Marian Hosking


With over 30 years professional experience, Marian Hosking is one of Australia’s foremost contemporary jewellers. Working almost exclusively with silver, Hosking has developed a distinctive vocabulary of techniques including casting, drilling and saw piercing. Her work is frequently concerned with surface pattern and the potential for subtle change to be
articulated through interaction with different light sources, often giving the metal an almost fibre-like texture. She translates her local natural world into the language of silver, creating jewellery and objects of astonishing beauty.

Marian Hosking
wig Brooch 2007
925 silver, Iolite
7 x 6 x 2cm
Photographer: Julian Hutchens

Projekt Video Art Archives shows the evolution of video art through a plethora of moving image works reflecting Australia’s diversity. The Projekt Video Art Archives contains Australian video art works exhibited between 1998 and 2003 in commercial, public and artist run galleries.
With cultural centres now dedicated to the moving image, and most public institutions screening video art in their programs, it was felt that an archive should be set up from the
grass roots level.

Starlie Gelkie
O Mother

Video Still

6 February - 23 May 2010


 Projekt Video Art Archive



Dance is a vital aspect of human culture, and its history corresponds to the evolution of other art forms in time. So you know you can dance will explore the history of Dance in Dubbo, from Saturday night socials to the heihgts achieved by many of our young dancers on the national and international stage. The story of Dance in Dubbo will be told via objects, photographs and recollections of many of the city's major players, including the matriarch of Dance and founder of the Dubbo Ballet Studio, Mrs Joyce Schneider.So You Know You Can Dance will inform, entertain and inspire through the achievements of dancers, teachers, and schools from their humble beginnings in the central west of New South Wales, to treading the boards of some of the world's greatest stages.

13 February - 9 May 2010


 So You Know You

Can Dance



6 February - 14 March 2010


 Momentum: 18th Tamworth Fibre Textile Biennial


From the early 1970’s the Tamworth Fibre Textile Biennial has continued to provide audiences with an exciting and vibrant survey exhibition of contemporary fibre textiles. Artists from across Australia have been selected to participate in this year’s exhibition. Curator, Valerie Kirk, has put together an exhibition that looks at the influences new technologies have had on traditional fibre textile practice and how these artists have combined their individual practice to incorporate new techniques.


A Tamworth Regional Gallery exhibition toured by Museums and Galleries NSW.
This exhibition is supported by Visions of Australia, an Australian Government program supporting touring exhibitions by providing funding assistance for the development and touring of Australian cultural material across Australia

Christine Atkins From the Heart I 2007
Machine thread, wool felt
1300mm x 1000mm x 100mm
Image © Christine Atkins