29 October 2011 - 26 January 2012

Strike a Pose

with Lee Lin Chin


Strike a Pose...with Lee Lin Chin explores the world of Australian style up to 40 years ago, when trendsetters created a fashion revolution with a mix of mini skirts, space-aged garments and granny dresses. With fashion icon and SBS World News presenter Lee Lin Chin as guest curator, the exhibition celebrates the emerging local fashion industry of the time, along with its personalities, trends and influences. Posed fashion shots sit alongside the exuberance of street culture, capturing the essence of a period when cultural change ruled. Strike a Pose...with Lee Lin Chin is a National Archives of Australia Travelling Exhibition.

Pierre Cardin Fashion Parade at Canberra Theatre Centre 1967

6 August - 23 October 2011

The Governor:

Lachlan Macquarie

1810 - 1821


The Governor is a major exhibition from the State Library of NSW which showcases the role of Govenor Macquarie in shaping NSW and the fledgling colony of Australia. Lachlan Macquarie was the fifth Governor of NSW appointed in 1809 and is often portrayed as one of the Colony's most visionary and effective leaders. Featuring documents and objects from his life and times, The Governor will look at the impact this dour Scotsman has had on modern Australia. The Governor is a State Library of NSW travelling exhibition.

26 March - 1 August 2011

On the Sly:

Kate Leigh,

Ruby Green

& Jean Lee

As a town on the periphery of society, both literally and metaphorically, Dubbo has become home to battlers, transients, hard luck stories and dreams of new beginnings, and while many have triumphed, others through necessity or choice have chosen to follow a darker path. On the Sly will chart the story of three women who transgressed, following a path that ultimately lead to robbery, drug dealing prostitution, gang warfare and murder. On the Sly seeks to understand their lives and choices, and as such understand how those at the periphery of acceptable society have a role to play in the story of the nation. On the Sly is curated by Jessica Moore.

Kate Leigh police photo 1930

19 November 2011 - 18 March 2012

Space Invaders:

Australian. Street. Stencils. Posters. Past Ups. Zines. Stickers.

In the first exhibition of its kind in Australia, Space Invaders delves into the complex, compelling and challenging side of the contemporary Australian Street Art scene. This exhibition looks specifically at 'stencilling', poster-making and street press in works such as stickers and comics, and documents the transition from the street to the gallery walls. Space Invaders explores the connections with the traditions of graffiti and Australian political print and poster making. Space Invaders is a National Gallery of Australia Exhibition.

Meek, Begging For Change, (detail) 2004, stencil. National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Gordon Darling Australia Pacific Print Fund 2007. © Meek

10 September - 13 November 2011

Julia Burns:


Drifting is an immersive, video-based installation, integrating real objects with full-scale interactive video characters. Viewers enter into a private domestic setting within the public space of the gallery, challenging the division of the public and private domains. Drifting

explores the idea that interactive web-based video such as YouTube invite anonymous spectatorship into private domestic settings like never before. These captured private events are being broadcast alongside popular media content. Drifiting challenges a re-examination of concepts of privacy and its deterioration under the public eye. This is a d/Lux Media Arts travelling exhibition. 

2 July - 4 September 2011


ARTEXPRESS is an annual exhibition of exemplary artworks created by students for the Higher School Certificate. The works represent a broad range of subject matter, approached, styles and media and reflect the high quality of Visual Arts education in New South Wales. ARTEXPRESS is coordinated by the Arts Unit and jointly managed by the NSW Department of Education and Training and the Office of the Board of Studies. This exhibition has been co-ordinated by WPCC Education Officer Shona Lane and ARTEXPRESS Co-ordinator Susanne Jones.

10 September - 13 November 2011

Julie Williams:

When first I knew this place

Julie Williams is an artist who lives and works in Lightgow, NSW. When first I knew this place is an ongoing visual exploration, borne from the clutches of grief. Re-entering artistic practice after loss, the artist began photographing a waterhole in the River Lett, near Lithgow. Again and again, the artist returned to the same waterhole, where her attention was held for weeks, the months and now some years. The painterly, elusive quality of the flowing water appears as an unfathomable landscape, revealing a world much vaster than one could imagine.

23 July - 4 September 2011

Leanne Watt:


Leanne Watt is an artist living and working in Dubbo. Reminiscence recalls the joys of a childhood spent outdoors, relishing an interaction with the environment, back to a time when one's imagination was the key to making sense of the world. Leanne Watt  employs materials such as watercolour, oils, charcoal and pencil, establishing a visual communication through unconventional means of application, utilising hand-pressed papers and found materials such as charcoal, bark and rust.

15 October - 13 November 2011

Penny Volkofsky:

Artists at Work

The fourth in our Artist at Work series presents local artist Penny VolkofskyPenny Volkofsky uses print-making, sculpture and mixed media forms and will transform the Children's Gallery into her studio. Children and adults alike are encouraged to enter the space and interact with Penny and her work. Visitors to the temporary studio can become active participants in developing Penny Volkofsky's latest project.

6 August - 9 October 2011

Operation Art

Operation Art provides opportunities for students from K - 10 to demonstrate their achievements in visual arts whilst helping children who find themselves in hospital. Thousands of students participate in this program which will eventually see hundreds of artworks placed in hospitals across the State, helping make them more pleasant places to visit and stay for young and old alike. Operation Art is a travelling exhibition from the NSW Department of Education and Communities and The Children's Hospital at Westmead.

15 October - 13 November 2011

Waste to Art

The annual Waste to Art exhibition enables the community to create works of art using everyday waste as the medium. Increasingly popular, Waste to Art celebrates thinking 'outside the box', it shocks and surprises the viewer whilst commenting on our throw away culture. It also unearths unlikely artists in the form of students, office workers, welders, teachers, grandparents and, of course, the humble garbo!

13 August - 9 October 2011

Juan Ford:

The Instant

Painting in the 21st Century faces the challenges of an increasingly digital world. Our desire for exigency and directness, coupled with the pre-eminence of the digital image, has seen painting revive itself, becoming the focus of a return to tradition. Juan Ford creates slow, intense and concentrated paintings that reflect on the natural world, technology and contemporary culture. His meticulously painted images speak to our love of the Australian landscape and the magic of the painted surface. The Instant is curated by WPCC Curator Kent Buchanan.

26 November 2011 - 18 March 2012

Symbols of Australia

What symbolises Australian identity? For some it's the kangaroo, for others it is natural wonders like Uluru or man-made icons like the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The exhibition explores the diverse range of national symbols that define and represent Australia's national identity. Through the use of objects and multimedia Symbols of Australia presents stories surrounding ten symbolic themes: Kangaroo, Wattle, The Flag, Boomerang, Uluru, Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Billy, Vegemite, Holden and the Southern Cross. A travelling exhibition developed and presented by the National Museum of Australia. 

10 September - 20 November 2011

Tracey Moffatt:


Tracey Moffatt is one of Australia's leading international contemporary artists, working in photography, film and video. Tracey Moffatt: Narratives features three important series of photographs that engage with story-telling, Scarred for Life (1994), Up in the Sky (1997) and Invocations (2000). Moffatt creates dream-like sequences, where the real and the imaginary unfold alongside each other, infusing the social reality of issues such as race relations and domestic violence with uncertainty and subconscious dimensions. The exhibition will be complemented by a selection of Moffatt's video works, Lip, Artist, Love, Doomed, Mother and Other. Tracey Moffatt: Narratives is a Monash Gallery of Art Travelling Exhibition supported by Arts Victoria through the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy. 

5 June - 1 August 2011

On Air:

75 Years of 2DU

Radio has played a crucial role in our lives since the first radio broadcast in Australia in 1919. The development of regional broadcasting saw the establishment of a radio station in Dubbo in 1936, servicing the township and its region. 2DU has remained a vital source of news, a conduit for community dialogue, and a touchstone for all the things that have heartened, outraged and amused the people of Dubbo as it grew from a town to a city. The exhibition will illustrate the history of this important community entity, through images, documents and objects relating to its 75 year history. On Air: 75 years of 2DU is curated by Kent Buchanan.

5 Februar - 20 March 2011

On the Black Soil Plains:

Warren 1861 - 2011

On the Black Soil Plains: Warren 1861 - 2011 will present a history of the township of Warren in the central west of New South Wales on the occasion of its 150th birthday. The Warren Shire, situated on the banks of the Macquarie River and located on the Oxley Highway 120kms north west of Dubbo, NSW, is Australia's wool and cotton capital. Using the research and archives of the Warren Historical Society, the exhibition will chart the establishment and development of this significant regional community.

6 November 2010 - 30 January 2011

Marion Hall Best:

Modernism & Dubbo

Regarded by many as the founder of Australian interior design, Marion Hall Best was the arbiter of modern taste from the 1930s through to the 1970s. Characterised by an adventurous and sophisticated use of colour Marion brought a variety of design classics to Australia for the first time, from Marimekko cottons to Thai silks to avant-garde Italian furniture. This exhibition is an exploration of the influences that shaped her designs and introduce this remarkable woman to a new generation. Marion Hall Best: Modernism & Dubbo has been developed in conjunction with the Historic Houses Trust and is curated by Jessica Moore. 

30 April - 26 June 2011

The Long Forgetting:

Hayden Fowler

The Long Forgetting takes places within a cave complex of an indeterminate era. It strongly references the pre-historic, but typical of Hayden Fowler's work it is also aesthetically loaded with the futuristic and science fictional. Fowler researched and produced this new work during his Samstag Scholarship, where he undertook one year's study in Berlin, Germany. Interested in the tribal origins of European culture, Fowler underwent genetic tests to identify his own paleolithic culture of origin and visited a number of relevant cave sites across Spain, France and Germany. With particular interest in the art and symbolism of this period, Fowler taps into a deeper and historical spirituality surrounding Western humanities original place in nature, expanding the ongoing theme of his practice. The Long Forgetting is curated by Kent Buchanan. 

12 February - 24 April 2011

After the Rainbow:


After the Rainbow is a video installation that investigates the temporal dimensions of cinema. Through a imagining of the initial sequence of The Wizard of Oz (1939), the fantasy world of cinema and the reality of Judy Garland's sad life collide in much the same way as the worlds of Kansas and Oz in the original film. Instead of taking Dorothy to Oz, the twister transports a young, hopeful Judy Garland into the future where she encounters her disillusioned adult self. This is Soda_Jerk's second instalment in The Dark Matter Cycle, a series of video remix works that mobilise the conceptual framework of time travel to explore the relationship of recorded media to the passage of time. A D/Lux Media Arts touring exhibition.

16 October 2010 - 6 February 2011

Picturing the

Old People:

Genevieve Grieves

In Picturing the Old PeopleGenevieve Grieves explores the pictorial construction of Aboriginality. Using examples from nineteenth century studio photography, she examines the relationship between photographers and their subjects, and the photographers' motives - ranging from the pursuit of anthropological information to the quest to record a 'dying race.' The use of video by the artist re-animates images from the past, while telling alternate stories of Aboriginal history.

21 May - 17 July 2011


Margaret McColl

Amanda Tout

Ken Tucket

Heather Rankin

Mark Malouf

This exhibition features works by a group of artists who have completed studies together, and whom wish to make the push into the world beyond the strictures of the art school. Each artist has been sharing ideas and skills as well as technical explorations within their studies. this exhibition will present their individual works developed over the course of 12 months. The artists are based in Dubbo and surrounding region. 

2 April - 15 May 2011


Heather Pike & Victoria Lovecchio

Residue is an exhibition exploring what remains of our personal histories when people make their homes in places far from their family and cultural origins. Victoria Lovecchio and Heather Pike have found that the absence of the bonds of extended family and culture has left them with the freedom to create their own cultural emblems, family heirlooms and signifiers. Despite the distance of time and geography, we all yearn to connect to our origins. This is a visual exploration of the physical and tangible aspects of family, individuality and inheritance as well as the metaphysical connection we hold to our ancestors.

12 February - 27 March 2011

Parallel with Nature:

Volker Leder

This exhibition of paintings of the landscape of the northwest of New South Wales, offers the opportunity to observe this environment through the eyes of an outsider. German-born artist Volker Leder has spent the last 30 years living in Lightning Ridge carving out a successful career as a practising artist. His work is an attempt to express the peculiarities of this environment as well as come to grips with the ever-changing colours and shifting features of this unique landscape.

13 November 2010 - 6 February 2011

What I Wanted to

Show You: 

Katherine Simms

This exhibition explores the artist's relationship to her mother who passed away in 2000. A deeply personal exhibition, What I Wanted to Show You is an expression of an unspoken dialogue with her mother, recalling events of the artist's life. The works attempt to explore the 'facade of our public persona and our private hidden feelings.' Using printmaking (linocuts and embossing) as well as sculpture, Simms' work is a visual extrapolation of emotion, loss, aspirations, desires and regrets. Katherine Simms lives and works in Stanwell Park, NSW.

11 June - 24 July 2011


DesignTECH is an exhibition of outstanding major design projects from Higher School Certificate Design and Technology students. This annual exhibition, coordinated by the Board of Studies NSW and supported by the NSW Department of Education and Training, opens a window for us to view the creativity, innovation and achievement of NSW Higher SChool Certificate Design and Technology students.

19 February - 10 April 2011

William Lamson

William Lamson, is an artist based in Brooklyn, USA who works in performance and new media. He creates elaborate scenarios involving objects and their relationship to space, gravity and chance. This exhibition features a series of Actions - black balloons burst using a variety of eccentric means, as well as a selection of other video works. Lamson's work contains humour and playfulness, forcing us to examine our physical relationship to objects and the world at large. William Lamson is curatedby Kent Buchanan.

11 December 2010 - 13 February 2011

Waste to Art

The annual Waste to Art  exhibition enables the community to create works of art using everyday waste as the medium. Increasingly popular, Waste to Art celebrates thinking 'outside the box', shocking and surprising the viewer whilst commenting on our throw-away culture.

11 June - 7 August 2011


Recent Acquisitions

The WPCC continues to grow its collections through the active acquisition of new works. These new works are a vital ingredient in the Gallery's ability to tell the story of the region and its people through the medium of art. Encompassing works across the gamut of artistic production, from internationally recognised artists with professional studios to those working in rusty farm sheds for the sheer enjoyment of creating, these new works at the WPCC will be a valuable addition to our cultural heritage. Brood is curated by Kent Buchanan.

16 April - 5 June 2011

Jeff Mincham


Jeff Mincham is one of Australia's most prominent and influential ceramic artists. His exceptional craft skills and his deep knowledge of the materials and technology of ceramics are demonstrated in the robust elegance and diversity of the extraordinary body of work he has produced over three and a half decades. Much of this work is represented in major public collections throughout Australia and many more internationally. Jeff Mincham: Ceramics is an Object Gallery touring exhibition and is part of the Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft Series.

5 March - 10 April 2011

Los Caprichos:

Francisco de Goya

Created during a time of social repression and economic crisis in Spain, in Los Caprichos: Francisco de Goya set out to document the human condition and denounce social abuses, social backwardness, gnorance and intellectual oppression. This exhibition features an early edition of Los Caprichos, set a of eighty etchings first published in 1799. One of the most influential series of graphic images in the history of Western Art, Los Caprichos deals with themes as diverse as the Spanish Inquisition, the frivolity of young women, witchcraft, child rearing and avarice. This is an Albury Art Touring Exhibition.

27 November 2010 - 27 February 2011

Twenty / 20

21st Century Painting

Twenty / 20 is a group exhibition of twenty emerging, mid-career and established painters who have each shown at the Sydney based Artist-Run Initiative MOP Projects. Despite the impact of digital creative practices, painting can and does remain a viable creative medium. Twenty / 20 offers audiences the opportunity to engage with diverse conceptual themes and contemporary creative technqiues via the still highly accessible, engaging and relevant medium, paint. Twenty / 20 is curated by Ron & George Adams, founding members, MOP Projects

7 May - 26 June 2016


Louise Hearman & Louise Weaver

Adaptation is an exhibition examining the Australian landscape through the works of Louise Hearman and Louise Weaver. Both artists mine their own unique vision of our environment and its fauna, through exquisitely painted depictions of twilight landscapes to meticulously hand-crafted sculptural forms, the artists induce complex and often surreal interpretations of the Australian environment. Their works present variations on the existing, whilst pondering the impossible. Speciation, morphogenesis and environmental diversity are played out via technically and aesthetically complex scenarios. Each features slippage from natural to un-natural realms. Adaptation is curated by Kent Buchanan.

4 February - 1 May 2011

Icon and Archive:

Photography & the

Wold Wars

Icon and Archive will present an engaging survey of the Australian War Memorial's extensive and highly significant photographic collection, drawing on material created during the two Wold Wars. The exhibition will feature many "iconic" photographs that have become part of the Australian psyche. It will also consider the photographic archive of which these "icons" are a part, drawing attention to many superb photographs that have, for one reason or another, not become so "iconic." This is an Australian War Memorial travelling exhibition.

27 November 2010 - 30 January 2011

Ross Laurie +

David McBride:

Recent Works

An exhibition developed and curated by Tamworth Regional Gallery showcasing recent works by Walcha artist Ross Laurie and Mendooran artist David McBride. Inspired by their respective environments, both artists use colour intuitively, creating works of things seen and experienced. Laurie creates heavy impasto surfaces with paint, while McBridge uses thin washes but both create paintings that engage the eye and mind simultaneously.