2013 Exhibitions

1 December 2012 - 26 January 2013

The Day After Yesterday

Kathielyn Job


Kathielyn Job is a Dubbo based artist who uses the fundamentals of painting to create a unique means of communication. The Day after Yesterday focuses on Job’s uncompromising use of colour and reveals the artist’s unbounded imagination. Her practice explores notions of energy and existence, focusing on the idea that human beings are intrinsically connected to the earth through matter. Job investigates the tension between energy and its containment in form, with these ideas surfacing on the canvas in imagined organic shapes rendered in brilliant colour.

8 December 2012 – 27 January 2013

Cut With A

Kitchen Knife


Cut with a Kitchen Knife is a survey of the current manifestations of collage in contemporary art and more than a nod to the absurdist collages that arose from the brief and highly influential Dadaist movement of the early 20th Century. Less concerned with addressing the problems of the picture plane and more those of an existential nature, works on paper have been selected from nine contemporary artists who traverse the surface, relay absurdisms and reorganise obsessive collections - Christian Capurro, Simon Evans, Elizabeth Gower, Nathan Gray, Mandy Gunn, Deborah Kelly, Nick Mangan and Stuart Ringholt.

24 November 2012 - 26 January 2013

Waste To Art



The annual Waste to Art exhibition enables the community to create works of art using everyday waste as the medium. With every passing year, Waste to Art grows in popularity, and is a highlight on the calendar for many creative people in the community. The exhibition celebrates “thinking outside the box”, it shocks and surprises the viewer whilst commenting on our throw-away culture. Waste to Art is presented in collaboration with NetWaste and in 2012 is coordinated by Amy Griffiths.

Jackson Scott
Piston Pup2011
Found materials
Image courtesy WPCC

30 November 2012 - 26 January 2013




The Western Plains Cultural Centre’s collections feature many objects and artworks that depict birds. These range from well known species such as magpies and finches through to flightless birds such as emus and cassowaries. Their depiction by artists and artisans expresses our fascination with these creatures that abundantly cover our Earth and are distant relatives of the dinosaurs.

Flight will feature objects from the Museum and Gallery collections, juxtaposing their depictions in artworks and as decorative motifs on utilitarian objects.

30 November 2012 - 26 January 2013


Michael Riley



Michael Riley (1960 - 2004) was born and raised in Dubbo, going on to become one of Australia’s most successful and highly respected contemporary artists. Cloud produced in 2000 is his best known and much-loved photographic series. An endless blue sky becomes the backdrop for objects relating to Aboriginal life and culture. Influenced by the artist’s early years in his hometown, the works are a meditation on belief, spirituality, childhood and memory.

3 November 2012 - 26 January 2013

The Folly

Arlo Mountford



Arlo Mountford’s The Folly was acquired by Dubbo Regional Gallery in 2009 with funds raised by the Friends of the WPCC. In the three channel digital animation, Mountford has re-imagined three paintings by Flemish painter Pieter Breughel the Elder, “Hunters in the Snow” (1565), “The Corn Harvest” (1565) and “The Fall of Icarus” (1558) and has infiltrated these timeless pastoral scenes with new life.

9 March - 28 April 2013





Featuring the work of six artists, Dreamweavers plots a strange and enchanting course through the world of dreams, nightmares and the imagination. It imagines a world with the lights turned off, where monsters come out to play and reality becomes a flickering memory. Dreamweavers is a multi-sensory experience that is more like entering another world than an art exhibition. It combines sculpture, digital media, photography and painting, in an intoxicating visual feast.

A Gippsland Art Gallery & NETS Victoria touring exhibition.

Aly Aitken, In Sheep's Clothing, 2008.

Timber, pine tree branches, calico, velvet, antler, stuffing, zip, found objects.

Courtesy the artist. © Aly Aitken

2 March - 28 April 2013

Birds From A New World

Nicola Dickson





Inspired by the recently discovered natural history illustrations of George Raper, a midshipman on the First Fleet, artist Nicola Dickson transports these delicate images into a new world. Whilst keeping true to George's high level of observation and aesthetic detail, Nicola moves the birds into new contexts in order to explore a diversity of themes such as colonisation, species loss and the importation and use of technology.

Nicola Dickson, Raper's Providence Petrels, 2012, acrylic and oil on linen. © the artist.

2 March - 19 April 2013

Family Album

Ida Jaros





Family Album is a collection of works exploring the relationships between the members of Ida Jaros’ family, their relationship with the lands of Australia and the Czech Republic. Her parents left Czechoslovakia in 1980 with nothing but their two children. They told no one they were leaving, so were unable to farewell loved ones. Ida was only 7 when she left for what she was told was a ‘holiday’. The effects of this migration continue to reverberate throughout her family and are investigated in Ida’s intimate but stark works.

2 March - 12 May 2013

Lagua Dunalaig





Lagau Dunalaig (island lifestyle) is a significant exhibition of works of art on paper by Cairns-based Torres Strait Islander artists Brian Robinson and Joel Sam. Both Brian and Joel use a variety of printmaking techniques for the 55 limited edition works in this exhibition, including linocut, etching, and embossing. The artists explored these techniques while reflecting on their experiences in the land and sea scapes of Australia’s far north. The prints were made at the Djumbunji Press KickArts Fine Art Printmaking Studio in Cairns, Far North Queensland.

2 March - 21 April 2013

The Force

150 Years of NSW Police





The NSW Police Force was formed on 1 March 1862. It is the oldest and largest police force in Australia with operations on land, on sea and from the air. From wooden rattles and phrenology to taser guns and forensics, policing in New South Wales has continued to expand and develop according to the needs, attitudes and technology of the day. This exhibition celebrates 150 years of policing through a rich collection of photographs, objects and film footage. It charts the formation of specialist units, the science of crime investigation, the role of women in the force, changes in police duties and equipment, and also pays tribute to the thousands of officers who have served their community.
Presented in partnership with the NSW Police Force and the Historic Houses Trust of NSW.

Police pistol practice at Redfern Depot. Ballistics expert Sergeant Albert Brown is in plain clothes, examining the revolver, c. 1930s, Justice and Police Museum Collection, Historic Houses Trust of NSW.

9 March - 12 May 2013


Janet Laurence


Janet Laurence’s work often explores time, movement, space and interaction. In Vanishing, she fuses these concerns together into a mesmerising experience. A twin projection shimmers through tulle veils, whilst a series of mirrors reflect both the projections and the viewer, making the audience a part of the work rather than a passive observer. A soundscape of shifting breaths encourages the audience to connect with both the work and each other. A work that encourages participation whilst emphasising the fragility of the experience, Vanishing is one of Laurence’s most immersive works.

4 May - 30 June 2013

Ranamok Glass Prize





The Ranamok Glass Prize is an annual acquisitive award for glass artists who are resident in Australia and New Zealand. The Prize was founded in 1994 by Andy Plummer and Maureen Cahill as a way to promote glass as an art form to the public.Featuring almost 30 artists, the 2012 Ranamok Glass Prize showcases the surprising and challenging, world of modern glass makers, who use glass in ways that often defy the imagination.

Estelle Dean, Banquet (detail), 2012, free formed pate de verre with Nori sheets. Image courtesy the artist and Ranamok Glass Prize.

4 May - 14 July 2013

No Worries

Martin Parr





In 2011 famed British photographer Martin Parr, as a special project for the FotoFreo: The City of Fremantle Photography Festival, set out to photograph three Western Australian port cities, Fremantle, Port Hedland and Broome. Using his unmistakably intimate and satirical style, Parr went about photographing Australian clichés, full of saturated colours and flash photography. The resulting photographs are an invaluable collection of portraits of Australians and Australian identity through the eyes of an outsider.

Martin Parr, Cable Beach. Broome. Australia, 2011. © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos.

20 April - 2 June 2013

Cut & Flow

Kirk Watts





In the driest inhabited continent on Earth water management in the Murray-Darling Basin is something we must get right. The abundance of information and misinformation has muddied the waters. Possible impacts of past, present and future water use in the basin has polarized communities. The scale of past mistakes necessitates drastic and in many cases painful change. To do nothing is not an option. The people depicted in this exhibition all realise that business as usual is unsustainable. Much like the collages in this exhibition a solution to this issue is multi layered, will take time and requires patience.


Kirk Watts, Connect/Respect (detail) 2012, collage on paper 120 x 80cm

18 May - 21 July 2013

Garden of Forking Paths






The Garden of Forking Paths exhibition draws together notable historic and contemporary computer games created by artists that push the bounds of the genre and break the orthodox set of rules. The presented pieces span the last three decades, a period which has seen incredible advances in technology and the birth of the information age. All of the pieces in the show can be played by visitors, some on ‘antique’ computers that have been sourced so the older pieces can be experienced with authenticity.

The Garden of Forking Paths is a dLux MediaArts touring exhibition.


Anita Fontaine and Mike Pelletier, CuteXDoom II (screenshot) (detail), 2008, Computer game/video projection and customised 'wallpaper' interior. © Anita Fontaine ans Mike Pelletier

6 July - 13 October 2013


Mathieu Gallois





Mathieu Gallois’ project centres on the history and community of Wellington, a small town located in central New South Wales, traditional home to the Wiradjuri people. Gallois’ grandfather Ernest Moulton (1905–1966), a British migrant who settled in Wellington in 1944, purchased the local paper, the Wellington Times, and as editor became a prominent conservative voice in the community for the next twenty-one years. Taking form as an historical analysis To Move Forward To Destiny of Full Epuality: The Wellington Times 1944–1965 (2012) features a series of twenty-one front pages of the paper selected for their rare reference to the Aboriginal communities of the region.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

27 April - 30 June 2013

Beauty From Nature 

Art of the Scott Sisters





Beautiful and intricate, this stunning exhibition features delicate watercolours, notebooks, handwritten manuscripts, sketches and letters, which together form a fascinating record of the lives of Harriet (Hattie) and Helena (Nellie) Scott. The Scott sisters were among the first to illustrate the life histories and immature stages of Australian moths and butterflies. The highlights of the exhibition are watercoloured paintings created between 1846 and 1851 for their father A.W Scott's landmark publication Australian Lepidoptera and their Transformations.


Exhibition Developed & Toured by the Australian Museum.

Helena Scott, Xylopsyche stacyi (Scott). Current name: Zelotypia staci Scott, Hepialidae. Watercolour and ink. © Australian Museum Archives.

8 June - 21 July 2013


The Courage Chronicles

Heidi Lefebvre





The Courage Chronicles is an installation of drawings, paintings and costumes representing a freestyle interpretation of fairytale mythology, folklore and heroism. Heidi Lefebvre works a strange stew of the real and imagined, mimicking childhood experiences. The child's world, real or imagined, is reinvented and informs their reality. The exhibition aims to highlight the way stories heard in childhood influence our adult interpretation of more complex experiences.


Heidi Lefebrve is a Molong-based artist.

Heidi Lefebvre, Bogeyman Whiskers,2013, mixed media, dimensions variable. Image © the artist.


6 July - 18 August 2013

Dissected by Time

and Space 

Michael Winters





This exhibition features sculptural landscapes and linocuts of Greece by painter and printmaker Michael Winters. The work explores topography and landscape merged with the elements of time and space. The linocuts, produced in Greece, reveal a country straddling the past and the present. The sculptural reliefs present the artist's view of the Australian landscape, using a combination of materials with paint. These works provide multiple views of two very different landscapes.

A WPCC curated project.

Michael Winters, A Cowra Landscape Disturbed By Time And Space (detail) 2011, gouache on card, 77 x 100cm. Image © the artist.

Genieve Carroll, To be or not to bee (detail) 2013, oil on canvas, 45cm x 58c. Image © the artist.

This exhibition presents three artists' distinctly individual responses to the remote, historically charged village of Hill End. Carroll's autobiographical work is meditation on still life, mortality and bees. Haslett explores painting through the 1870's Holtermann Collection photographic archive. Williams' paintings from the Hunts Creek Parramatta and Hill End continue her rigorous exploration of the relationship between the natural and built environment.


A WPCC curated project.

24 August - 13 October 2013

The Long View 

Julie Williams, Janet Haslett & Genevieve Carroll





The 2nd National Indigenous Art Triennial, unDisclosed presents visitors with the opportunity to experience dynamic visual expression of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. From across the country, 20 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists have been selected to represented Indigenous arts today.

This exhibition is supported by the National Collecting Institutions Touring and Outreach program, an Australian Government program aiming to improve access to the national collections for all Australians; and by Visions of Australia, an Australian Government program supporting touring exhibitions by providing funding assistance for the development and touring of Australian cultural material across Australia.

Naata Nungurrayi, Pintupi people, Untitled (detail) 2010, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 122 x 122cm, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, purchased 2010. Image © the artist, represented by Aboriginal Artists Agency. 

3 August - 6 October 2013


2nd National Indigenous

Art Triennail





19 October - 1 December 2013


Annette Simpson & Jack Randell





This exhibition features four public engagement artworks, as well as individual works and collaborations between the two artists. This is the most ambitious collaborative project for the artists so far incorporating the work of over 400 participants. The pictures in Tracks embody collective identity of experience and place. Two of the works will realized from start to finish in the gallery space during the exhibition.


A WPCC curated project.

Jack Randell and Annette Simpson
Bodice Back (detail), 2012
Acrylic, collage, ink on board
60x60cm, Image © the artists

19 October - 17 November 2013

Designing Craft/ Crafting Design

40 Years of JamFactory





In 2013 JamFactory celebrates 40 years of nurturing and promoting contemporary craft and design in Australia with a landmark exhibition. Curated by Margaret Hancock Davis, Margot Osborne and Brian Parkes, Crafting Design/Designing Craft presents new work by 40 selected artists, craftspeople and designers who have had significant involvement with the JamFactory during its 40-year history and who are continue to produce work of outstanding quality.


Designing Craft/ Crafting Design: 40 Years of JamFactory is a JamFactory and Country Arts SA touring exhibition.

Designing Craft/ Crafting Design: 40 Years of JamFactory is supported by Arts SA's New Exhibitions Fund and by Visions of Australia, an Australian Government Program supporting touring exhibitions by providing funding assistance for the development and touring of Australian cultural material across Australia.

Honor Freeman
Every Cloud
Slipcast, hand built porcelain, silver lustre
280 x 500 x 400 mm Image © the artist

19 October - 24 November 2013

Waste to Art






Waste to Art is an annual exhibition showcasing the creative re-use of discarded recyclable materials. Engaging with the community, Waste to Art attracts school children, artists and community members who explore recycling and the environment in their artworks. The exhibition explores the creativity of our region as well as highlighting the importance of recycling to sustainable living.


Presented in collaboration with Netwaste.

19 October - 1 December 2013

Degradation & Reflection

Mandy Schone-Salter





Degradation & Reflection is about the constant change of life and objects around us. These photographs of subjects either living or inanimate, explore effects of decay, from once new, useful or young to the point of their inevitable deterioration. These are objects often dismissed as ugly, worn out, run down or faded. The reflections that occur in each image represent how something fresh and unique can emerge from the aged.


Mandy Schöne-Salter is a Blue Mountains-based artist.

Mandy Schone-Salter
Bend 2013 Digital photograph
84.1 x 118.9 cm
Image © the artist

19 October - 2 February 2014

ABC Open:

Stories From Our Place





A diverse exhibition celebrating content made by Western Plains locals from a range of ABC Open projects since 2011. Look into the region’s past with Now and Then photographs that re-capture old photos in their contemporary setting. Witness the passion of local sportspeople featured in 110% sports mad videos. Check out the 500 Words multimedia display, in which short stories are read by their authors. Showcasing the creativity of ABC Open contributors from the Western Plains, this exhibition might just inspire you to share your own story!


An ABC Open curated exhibition in partnership with WPCC

28 - spotted ladybird contributed by Miranda Kerr, Dubbo
Digital photograph
Image © the artist.

19 October - 1 December 2013

What Remains...

Hossein & Angela Valamenash





Hossein & Angela Valamanesh have, for thirty years admired the trails left by the nocturnal wandering of snails on their garden path, often wondering how they might record these accidental but poetic 'drawings'. Working with their son, Nassiem, they have produced a suite of drawings and a video work that shows the undulating 'foot' of the snail as it slithers across the screen. From this unexpected perspective, the unpredictable journeys of the animals is both playful and irreverent.


A WPCC curated project.

Hoissein and Angela Valamanesh
What remains.... (video still) 2012
HD video, looped, 10:08 minutes.
Videography: Nassiem Valamanesh.

Image courtesy the artists and BREENSPACE, Sydney. Image © the artists

7 December - 2 February 2014


Bill Moseley





Using the 19th century medium of wet plate collodion photography, the loosely based narrative in Nightshade follows the turmoil surrounding the life of the central character, the ‘running man’. Central to this is the concept of the white settler’s alienation and the often illusionary world of reminiscence. This patchiness of recollection is reflected in the unpredictable and often strange results produced by the collodion process.


A WPCC curated exhibition

Bill Moseley
Dark Pool (detail) 2013
Tintype photograph, 20 x 25 cm, Image © the artist

23 November - 26 January 2014

True Self: 1998 - 2013

David Rosetzky





One of Australia’s foremost exponents of video art, David Rosetzky creates intensely beautiful videos, photo-collages and installations exploring identity, subjectivity and interpersonal relationships. This is the first comprehensive survey of his work to date and will present a selection of early portrait and longer duration videos, photographs, photo-collages and sculpture.


A Centre for Contemporary Photography and Nets Victoria Touring Exhibition curated by Naomi Cass and Kyla McFarlane.

David Rosetzky
Commune 2003
Type C photographs mounted on composition board, flexilight, 120 x 290 x 450 cm
Image courtesy the artist and Sutton Gallery, Melbourne
. Image © the artist

30 November - 12 January 2014

Local Collections






This exhibition features works from the collections of residents of Dubbo and surrounds. It presents an alternative view of the region by examining the tastes and possessions of its citizens. Local Collectors will feature artworks as well as historical objects that reveal stories about the past, the aspirations of the region, and personal histories.


Clarice Beckett (1887 - 1935)
Purple Road, Beaumaris (detail) c1929
Oil on board, 38 x 45 cm, Private collection, Dubbo

7 December - 26 January 2014


Jude Crawford





Wanderlust features large abstract paintings which dispense with the foreground, midground and background in an attempt to focus on the feeling and atmosphere of a place or landscape rather than its physical appearance. The resulting starscapes and groundscapes explore the micro and the macro to convey the sublime in nature. Crawford-Watts takes inspiration from the traditions of colourfield painting and calligraphy.


Jude Crawford is a Dubbo-based artist.

Jude Crawford
Skygrass (Westmeath) (detail)
Acrylic on canvas
130 x 195 cm
Image © the artist.