Taking place at the Western Plains Cultural Centre in the Drama Room in the Community Arts Centre, Smokescreen brings Dubbo residents the opportunity to witness iconic and influential films from the history of cinema.


In 2019, Smokescreen focused on films that were based of timeless pieces of literature, they explored the age old question of - Is the book really better than the film? The theme for 2020 is ‘From the Playwright’s Desk’. Films that were originally written for, and presented on the stage. Usually taking place in only a few locations, these ‘limited setting’ films bring the focus on the psychology of the characters. And in their confinement, there is little escape.

Fences (2017)

Saturday 4 April | 4.00pm

Written by August Wilson and directed by Denzel Washington

Set in 1950s Pittsburgh, Fences follows the lives of Troy Maxson, his wife Rose and their son Cory. They also care for Maxson's younger brother Gabriel, who sustained a head injury in World War II that left him mentally impaired. Gabe had received a government payout which Troy uses as a down payment on a home for his family, but Gabe has decided to move out and live across the street at "Miss Pearl's" house.

Starring; Denzel Washington, Viola Davis

Long Day’s Journey into Night (1962)
Saturday 2 May | 4.00pm


Written by Eugene O'Neill and directed by Sidney Lumet

Long Day’s Journey charts a single harrowing day in the summer of 1912 as the Tyrone family, having gathered together in their seaside Connecticut home, confront their bitter failings and long-held resentments. Lost in a haze of alcohol and drug addiction, everyone has something painful and offensive to say, and the silence is even worse.
“By the end of this, you're part of the family. Welcome to hell.” Christopher Null (Filmcritic.com)


Starring: Katherine Hepburn, Ralph Richardson, Jason Robards, Dean Stockwell.

Gaslight (1944)

Saturday 6 June | 4.00pm


Written by Patrick Hamilton and Directed by George Cukor

After the death of her aunt, Paula is sent to Italy to study to become an opera singer. While there, she meets and falls in love with the charming Gregory Anton. After a two week romance the two marry and return to London. On their return, Paula begins to notice strange goings-on: missing pictures, strange footsteps in the night and gaslights that dim without being touched. As she fights to retain her sanity, her new husband's intentions come into question.
Bergman's performance won her Best Actress honours from both the Oscar and Golden Globe voters.

Starring: Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotton

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)
Saturday 11 July | 4.00pm


Written by Edward Albee and directed by Mike Nichols.

A bitter, aging couple, aided by the consumption of alcohol, use their young house guests to hurl anguish and emotional insult at each other over the course of a distressing night. 'Old Swampy' and Martha's marriage is showing to be a magnificent wreck as domestic blisslessness is translated grainily and effectively to the screen. These characters are working, albeit painfully, through the realities and illusions of their lives.
"The screen has never held a more shattering and indelible drama than Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" The Hollywood Reporter (1966).


Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, George Segal, Sandy Dennis

Inherit the Wind (1960)

Saturday 8 August | 4.00pm


Written by Jerome Laurence & Robert E. Lee and directed by Stanley Kramer.

Inherit the Wind is inspired by the famous Scopes Trial of 1925, in which a Tennessee high-school teacher, John Scopes, was arrested and prosecuted for teaching Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. It was a violation of a state law prohibiting the teaching of any theory that denied the biblical account of divine creation. What ensues is a courtroom battle between those who believe the Bible is literally true and those who believe, as Spencer Tracy’s character puts it, that "an idea is a greater monument than a cathedral."

Starring Spencer Tracy, Fredric March, Gene Kelly




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