art studio

Have fun with shape and colour making a Picasso inspired portrait.

Materials: Corrugated cardboard, pencil, scissors, glue, paint and brushes.

Make a Henri Matisse inspired art work focusing on shape and colour.

Materials: Light card or paper (3 or 4 different colours), pencil, scissors, glue stick.

Be a Young Archie artist and paint a portrait of someone important to you. Materials: Paper, pencil, paint and brushes.

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Download the Museum Explorer. Learn about some of the things in the WPCC museum and do the activities.
Download this Information and colouring book. Learn about some of the things in the WPCC. Colour in some of the pages and do the activities.

Here are two art activities that you can do at home. Download these sheets and have a go.

Signs and Symbols activity sheets.

These activity sheets accompanied the WPCC Dendroglyphs exhibition in 2019. Download them and complete the activities.