Black Box Creatives is a theatre program for youth performers in the Dubbo Region. The team consists of aspiring performers, writers, technicians, designers and directors who work together to produce original work for local audiences. All producers collaborate with industry professionals and engage with the local community to develop high quality, thought provoking local theatre.

If you are between the ages of 12-24 and want an immersive theatre experience, or extend on your passion for;

  • drama

  • script writing,

  • production,

  • dance & entertainment

  • music & song  or

  • art & set design,


Than express your interest by contacting the director on


OPENING NIGHT                       (Term one)

We are raising the curtain for 2021 with drop-in sessions where everyone is invited to join in! These afternoons will explore theatre games and activities as an introduction to the year.  Bring a friend and get to know the BBC community. Held;

Friday 26th & 2nd April, from 4:30pm - 6pm

Black Box Theatre, upstairs in the Community Arts Centre of WPCC

Also, check the school holiday program our director will be running a session on 9th April.


BBC THEATRE                            (Term two)

In this term we start to look at the building blocks for our end of program performance, games and activities to extend your understanding of theatre.

BBC AUDITIONS                        (Term three)

As we approach our performance, its time to get into the details. Everyone will have more than one part to play, whether its on stage, behind the scenes or building for promotions. Your theatre experience can be more than one dimensional. 

BBC REHEARSALS                     (Term four)

The curtain will soon be raised, you will be ready fine tuning all the elements to ensure the performance is a hit from costume, set and lighting everything counts.


Its time to shine, this youth theatre production are about to experience what it's like to be an industry professional. So, break a leg!

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The BBC would like to thank Dr Michael Dineen and Dubbo Orthodontics for their generous ongoing support.