2017 Productions

Living With Lady MacBeth

Written by Rob John

Directed by Camilla Ward

Everybody thinks Lily Morgan is very ordinary and rather dull. They are all wrong. As Lily prepares to audition for the part of Lady Macbeth in the school’s forthcoming production, she has a fight on her hands. The beautiful and popular Stephanie Boyce has been comfortably in the limelight for years and doesn't believe that someone as stereotypically "reliable" and "nice" as Lily stands a chance of getting in her way. So Lily has to convince the entire school of her talents but her unimaginative boyfriend and her preoccupied mother but can't understand her fatal attraction to the Scottish play. Only Lily's best friend, Mon, stands by her and begins to realise the lengths Lily is willing to go to in order to be heard.


Lily Morgan/Lady MacBeth Shanae Gosper

Monica (Mon) Emelia Proctor

Mother Kyla Turner

Barry Jesse Proctor

Alex Jack Cummings

Mrs Bevis Georgie Saunders

Macbeth Lorna Mitchell

Mrs Crabtree /Lennie Sally James

Suzanne Porter Ashleigh Chandler

Lorraine Ferguson Veronica Mitchell

Caroline Pritchett Taamin Boland

Gail Bentley Isabelle Leggett

Stephanie Boyce Maeve Sparrow

Appropriate Audience Behaviour

Written by IanMcWerthy

Directed by Camilla Ward

How hard can it be to watch a play?

Frustrated Audience member: Carol Georgie Saunders
rate Audience member: Ashley Maeve Sparrow
Exasperated Actor: Hamlet/Usher Jesse Proctor
Baffled Audience member: Theresa Sally James
Confused Audience member: Ruth Madelyn Leggett
Bewildered Audience member: Benny Annabelle Whiteley
Bothersome Audience member: Jack Lana Barclay
Sporty Audience members: Tony Harrison Powell
Sporty Audience members: Johnny Jed Bruce
Amateur Audience Members: Brenda Kyla Turner
Amateur Audience Members: Melina Shanae Gosper

Amateur Audience Members: Barbara Brenna Turner

Talking Audience member: Cathy Isabella Leggett

Lonely Audience member: Patron Madeline Powell

Congested Audience member: Saphron Hebe Backus

Sleepy Audience member: Mikael Jack Cummings

Supportive Audience member 1 Sophie Winterton

Another Lonely Audience member 2 Matilda Powell

Arrogant Audience Member: Imelda Emelia Proctor

Amused Audience Member: Buddy Charlie Saunders

Outraged Audience Member: Augden Veronica Mitchell

Relaxed Audience Member: Bradford Lorna Mitchell

Attentive Audience Member Taamin Boland

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2018 Productions

The Game

Written by Bradley McCaw

Directed by Camilla Ward and Shanae Gosper

The Game is an epic comedy/fantasy where two siblings get sucked into the world of video game, fighting crazy (and very funny) characters to save the kingdom of 'Farnawee' from an evil queen. The play explores the importance of family in the modern day, and questions what role technology plays in keeping a family together.


Andy Hebe Backus

Peter Alex Ryan

Witch/Mum Carrigan Baker

Rhine/Dad Joe O'Brien

Herald/Wizard Ollie Druitt 

Guard 1/Thief Brenna Turner

Guard 2/Thief Charlie Saunders

Trey/Senil Madelyn Leggett

Tyson/Menil Stella Maroulis

Herman Tessa O'Brien

Olive the Gamer/Thief/Villager Alexi Whittle

Rob (Theives of Eye-See) Amy Quilty

Thief of Eye-See/Villager Sophie Winterton

Prisoner/Villager Molly Quilty

Prisoner/Villager Olivia Ward



Written by Toni Grant and the Cast

Directed by Camilla Ward and Toni Grant

“I say to you - my brain isn’t broken - it’s beautiful”
Brainstorm is a theatrical experience about the neurology of the teenage brain and it’s extraordinary potential told through the eyes of our youth. Based on scientific research and the unique experiences of our teens, Brainstorm is an exploration of HOPE.

Shanae Gosper
Lana Barclay
Isabella Leggett
Jack Cumming
Veronica Mitchell
Taamin Boland
Lorna Mitchell
Maeve Sparrow
Kyla Turner
Sally James

Program - brainstorm.jpg

Brainstorm 2.0

Written by Toni Grant and the Cast

Directed by Camilla Ward and Toni Grant

“Because who I am isn't who you want me to be."
Brainstorm is a theatrical experience about the neurology of the teenage brain and it’s extraordinary potential told through the eyes of our youth. Based on scientific research and the unique experiences of our teens, Brainstorm is an exploration of HOPE.

Lana Barclay
Isabella Leggett
Araminta Hurford
Jack Cumming
Maeve Sparrow
Sally James

Shanae Gosper

2019 Productions

Aesop's Fables

Written by Andrew Glassop

Directed by Shanae Gosper

Aesop’s Fables is a story of friendship, comradery and a mutual hate of recorders. Terri and Bunny have to come up with an idea for a play before the principal gives the drama room to the recorder group and all of their friends pitch in to help.

Foxy Calliope Hurford

Tad Indiana Triplett

Ollie Tahlia Bowen

Missy Bridget Livingston

Bunny Hazel Livingston

Terri Alexi Whittle

Girls Like That
Written by Evan Placey

Directed by Shanae Gosper and Danielle Andrews

When a naked photograph of schoolgirl Scarlett goes viral, rumours spread across smartphones like wildfire and her reputation becomes toxic, threatening to shatter the fragile unity of the girls she has grown up with. But how long can Scarlett remain silent? And why isn't it the same for boys? 

Erin Barclay

Lana Barclay

Ashleigh Chandler

Shanae Gosper

Araminta Hurford

Isabella Leggett

Madleyn Leggett

Lorna Mitchell

Maeve Sparrow

Midnight Mindsets
Written by Andy Carolan

Directed by Shanae Gosper and Danielle Andrews

As the clock strikes 10pm at the town’s New Year’s Eve Carnival, five groups of Australian youth are faced with making sudden decisions that could significantly shape their future. The lights are low and emotions are high; how will these vulnerable hearts handle the overwhelming feelings of love, loss, revenge and wanting to fitting in? 


Featuring BBC's 2019 Junior and Senior performers and directed by Shanae Gosper and Danielle Andrews, ‘Midnight Mindsets’ is a new Aussie drama, exploring the importance of identity and morals as factors in decision making and providing a raw insight into the often unpredictable and complex thought process of our socially-influenced youth. 


To know what they stand for, these young minds must first discover who they are.


Fight or flight? 

Hurry, it’s almost midnight...

Madelyn Leggett

Lana Barclay

Araminta Hurford

Isabella Leggett 

Lorna Mitchell

Sally James

Alexi Whittle

Tahlia Bowen

Bridget Livingston

Hazel Livingston

Indiana Triplett

Hebe Backus

Chloe Egan

Jack Irwin

Anastasia Johnston

Ella Bowen

Bejay Dess

The BBC would like to thank Dr Michael Dineen and Dubbo Orthodontics for their generous ongoing support.


2020 Productions


Due to Covid-19, the Black Box Creatives had to postpone their 2020 live theatre production season. In its place they developed 'Zoom Theatre', an online project whereby participants helped conceive, develop and present a piece of theatre via a Zoom meeting/conferencing format.

The students collaborated in the writing of the play, considered the characters, costumes, props and venues/backgrounds when presenting their pieces in the play and how this works in as a group of individuals in different places working together on a combined projects.

'Chit - Chat'

The Black Box Creatives is pleased to share Chit-Chat, a ‘Zoom Theatre’ project produced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst learning to live within the sudden social distancing restrictions of early 2020, our team kept connected and creative, eager to document the extraordinary situation and how our society reacted. Chit-Chat is a raw and touching insight into the lives of two local women living in an aged care facility, whose strength and optimism during the tough times acts as an inspiration to us all.

Australians are renowned for having a good laugh themselves. BFFN is a creative re-enactment of a very popular scenario in Aussie teen culture. Produced entirely through online communication during the COVID19 pandemic, this ‘Zoom Theatre’ project is proof of the Black Box Creatives’ strong belief in the importance of keeping creative during the toughest of times. The cast and crew - made up of local Dubbo youth - hope you enjoy the alternative art form and get a much-needed giggle from the characters and situations that, at times, appear all too familiar!

Dubbo Regional Council’s (DRC) Black Box Creatives (BBC) program have been keeping creative, transferring their energy to the writing room since late April. 
The Playwriting Challenge winners were determined to keep creative and while the production of Serpent Valley High was postponed they maintained a level of passion and optimism that was the drive to their motivation.

The participants were supported and mentored by locals Val Clark and Donna Spillane who worked closely with the challenge participants through to the final stages.

Congratulations to the 'Challenge Champions' of Kirra Hampson and Lorna Mitchell who will showcase some sneak peak recordings over the coming months. Read the Media Release here

Playwriting mentors Val Clark (left) and

Playwriting mentors Val Clark (left) and Donna Spillane with Black Box Creative particpants Lorna Mitchell (front) and Kirra Hampson (right)

The BBC would like to thank Dr Michael Dineen and Dubbo Orthodontics for their generous ongoing support.