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How do we create a vision for the future? How do we marry the optimism, hope and excitement for the potentials we see, with pragmatism and clarity? It is a tricky road to walk, to set out an engaging and welcoming vision for the future with a sensible plan to achieve it.

It is a road we are trying to walk at the moment, as we enter the final stages in the development of a new Cultural Plan for Dubbo Regional Council.  After public consultation throughout the community in December 2019 and February 2020, all of the suggestions, feedback, concerns and opportunities have been combined into one plan, a plan that aims to put culture at the very heart of our region.

While planning around culture might seem at odds with the experimental and playful nature of creativity, Cultural Plans increase the capability of governments to stimulate and facilitate the artistic visions of their communities. They bring to light the immense impact of culture on our lives. 

In developing a Cultural Plan, we felt it was essential to have overarching values that could reflect the region now, but also have values that would grow over time to become aspirational values that we keep pushing ourselves to reach.


The values we saw coming through in the community consultation were:







It is from these six fundamental values that we have created more than 100 actions to champion, support and celebrate our culture and our community. This plan is inclusive, respectful, artistic and innovative.

Our Cultural Plan will provide a fresh mandate and framework for action over five years to roll out cultural development initiatives in a considered way and with community support. And it is this community support that is vital to the success of the plan. In developing the Cultural Plan, we were overwhelmed by the amount of feedback from the community – demonstrating the passion for and commitment to culture. We need you to draw on that passion one last time to review the draft plan and make recommendations – what are we missing, what do we need to look at again. We need your voice to make it your plan.

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I have many pieces of music that bring me comfort, and as I get older I didn’t realise how many pieces of music give me instant feelings of nostalgia or associations with particular windows of my life. Only this morning a Dire Straits song came on and I was taken back to my primary school age camping at the south coast with my family and cousins. Or Kenny Rogers passing, how many songs I know of his word for word due to my parents love of his music. Fast forward to my high school friend’s poolside during the summer and a whole play list comes to mind.

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Tammy Pickering

Audience Development Officer


Jessica Moore

Cultural Development Coordinator


Simone Taylor, Local Studies officer, finds the National Library of Australia’s website ‘Trove’ an absolute treasure when it comes to historical research. Including digitised copies of historic newspapers from across Australia, including the Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate. Through Trove, you can search stories covering the mundane “Wearing Hats at Night” (Friday 15th March, 1912) to the profound “Bombs fall on Darwin” (Thursday 19th February, 1945) and you will, without fail, find yourself reading articles on anything and everything.

It is particularly poignant to see how Dubbo contented with the Spanish flu that passed through the region a little over 100 years ago

Check it out: https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/75635727?searchTerm=Plague%20Dubbo&searchLimits=l-title=188|||sortby=dateAsc|||l-decade=191|||l-year=1919