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Sessions will take place every Thursday afternoon of Term 4 from 4:30-6pm.

The first session is 21/10/21 and the last session is 20/12/21.

Value Statement

Integrity: We always try to do the right thing and be respectful of others.

Initiative: As individuals, we always continue working on what needs to be done.

Inclusion: We aim to engage all members of the Program equally in order to achieve our goals

Diversity: We recognise each member of the Program as unique and acknowledge diversity as a valuable asset to both the creative process and our community.

Community: We strive to be a profoundly community-minded Program which continually works towards enhancing the overall wellbeing of people living in our region.

Accessibility: We believe art and theatre should be available for all and we aim to be as inclusive and accessible for any and all local youth as possible.

As a participant we ask that you agree to uphold our values to the best of your ability.

Image Consent

We ask that give consent for Black Box Creatives, a program delivered by Dubbo Regional Council (Council) to photograph, film, record and retain images/ footage of me, my child or a person under 18 for whom I am a legal guardian to be used without qualification (or quotes, comments or acknowledgments) for such purposes including but not limited to:

• Publication in Council and Council Businesses’ promotional and reporting documents including reports, occasional newsletters and brochures

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• Reproduction on Council’s websites and official social media channels (including the websites and social media channels of Council’s businesses).I understand that once information has been published on the internet, Dubbo Regional Council has no control over its subsequent use and disclosure.

Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines Dubbo Regional Council welcomes your comments on our social media pages, including Black Box Theatre and encourage you to discuss and share your opinions, experiences and feedback on our content. We do however ask that all users show courtesy and respect to others when making comments via our Facebook and Instagram channels, to ensure our page is friendly, welcoming and respectful to all. We ask that when you engage with our social media channels, you adhere to our Acceptable User Guidelines. Please Do not threaten, harass, discriminate or make personal attacks against Dubbo Regional Council employees or other users.      Do not post anything that could be considered promotional, offensive, prejudicial, racist, off-topic, vexatious or otherwise inappropriate. Do not use offensive or inappropriate language. Do not speculate or comment on legal matters or proceedings. Do not include personal or sensitive information about yourself or others in public comments (for example personal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers or photographs). Do not link to other websites, email addresses, Facebook pages or off-topic pages. Any user found regularly breaching the Acceptable User Guidelines may be blocked from the page(s), and please note that contributions will be moderated as required, and may be removed without explanation. Our aim is to create and foster a positive online community where users feel safe and welcome to contribute positively to the promotion and growth of the Dubbo Region.

Privacy Policy

Images, footage and personal information is collected, stored and retained securely in accordance with Council’s Corporate Image Policy and Record Management Policy. Personal information such as name, telephone number and e-mail address is collected in order to obtain your consent to the publication of your image. The contact details will not be published or disclosed without your consent unless authorised or required by law. In accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 you can access and review personal information Council has retained at any time by Black Box Theatre by contacting Western Plains Cultural Centre on 6801 4444 or in writing to PO Box 81, Dubbo NSW 2830 or email

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