30 April – 31 July 2016

Western Plains Cultural Centre



K-3 History Syllabus Outcomes

Early Stage 1 – Communicates stories of their own family heritage and the heritage of others – HTe-1

Stage 1 – Identifies and describes significant places and sites in the local community over time – HT1-2

Stage 2 – identifies commemorations of significance in Australia – HT2-1

Stage 2 – describes and explains how significant individuals, groups and events contributed to changes in the local community over time - HT2-2

Stage 3 – describes and explains the significance of people, groups, places and events to the development of Australia – HT3-1

Stage 3 – identifies change and continuity and describes the causes and effects of change on Australian society HT3-3



During this one hour excursion package students will:

1. Learn about significant individuals, groups and events which have shaped Dubbo

2. Identify and illustrate (using coloured permanent pens) on a huge floor map, those places in Dubbo which have significance to them. This map will be on display throughout the exhibition and will be preserved for future exhibitions


Cost $5 per student



Those schools booking this excursion package will be given a free tour of:


Strong Women, Strong Painting, Strong Culture

7 May – 7 August 2016

A bold and beautiful exhibition of Aboriginal women’s contemporary art from the Central and Western Deserts.


Waste to Art

7 May – 7 August 2016

Waste to Art is an annual exhibition showcasing the creative re-use of recycled materials.







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