This community art program allows artists in the region to produce public art for the entrance of the WPCC. It gives a voice to the community and offers a changing insight into the concerns and values of the community.

Scoreboard is open to submissions from community groups, artists, schools and anyone with a creative idea. 

Check out some of our previous scoreboard submissions below.



Journey Through Life

Dubbo Public School

This mural was painted by the Aboriginal Students of Dubbo Public School with Gamilaraay artist Hayden Wood.
The mural is a depiction of the different stages of learning through life. 
Through the middle is represented the Wambool river that runs through Dubbo. This is important as water plays an vital role in our culture. 
The different coloured circles close to the river represent the essence and vibrant colours through our seasons that our mother ‘Earth’ supplies.
The outer circles depict the stages our children go through with learning, from early stage 1 (Kindergarten) to stage 3 (Year 6).  
The outer hand stencils around the circles depict the teacher and school staff that guide them along the way to growing, learning and nurturing all the way through to young adulthood.  
The U shaped objects represent the students at Dubbo Public School. 


Looking to the Future

Skillset Senior College Dubbo Campus

The work depicts a figure sitting on the end of a jetty at sunset. The theme being reflected is that of a youthful view toward the future. Sometimes young people can feel as though they are lacking in substance or vibrancy in comparison to the world which surrounds them. This feeling of inadequacy is common however, and something which everyone experiences through all stages of life. The audience is invited to consider and to relate their own experience to how it feels to be longing for the future and the impact which youth may have on our perception. We should inspire hope in those young people whose vibrancy may have faded and remind them that the future ahead is bright.

Design Concept: Oliver Yule

Project Coordinator: Ben Palmer

Participants: Indiana Cleary, Shanaya-Lei Landow, Ted Nicholls, Olivia Scott-Rees, Elora Wakeling, Haylee Radburn, Patrick Hatch, Alexandra Motton, Paris Sidoti, Serena Lewis, Kayla Valentine, Jared Kelly, La Quan Ranginui

This mural was completed on site at Skillset Senior College Dubbo Campus by students who are studying Visual Design in their Preliminary and HSC year. We would like to acknowledge local artist, Jack Randell, who offered guidance and technical assistance for the successful completion of this artwork.


Return Ticket

Holly Faulds |Acrylic on ply panel | 2021

‘Return Ticket’ We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone, as we navigate uncharted territory, endure changes and restrictions to our social and work lives, all at the hands of a pandemic. As we slowly enter normalcy, one restriction still plagues our lives, as we are unable to board a plane and explore the world. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled with my family as a child and draw inspiration and happiness from my photographs and memories of our travels overseas. This mural is inspired by a photograph I took in Harajuku Japan. I was taken by the juxtaposition of Western and Traditional culture in the middle of a busy mecca for Japanese youth. The pop culture, brands, fashion and technology alongside a mother and daughter dressed in stunning traditional kimonos. People say you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. I encourage you to draw on your memories and look forward to planning future moments together overseas, as I am. 

Our Youth Bouncing Back

Statement for Uniting | 2021

2020 was a trying time for our youth, facing numerous challenges with their education and community participation during COVID-19. This artwork is acknowledging their resilience and ability to “Bounce Back” from these tough times. They were asked "what do you do to make yourself feel better / bounce back?".  
This mural was created entirely by the youth of Dubbo, from the drawing and design, to painting and colour choice. Dubbo young people also contributed to this piece at a community run ‘Bouncing Back’ event held in January 2021. 2021 is going to be bigger and better than ever, continue to watch our Dubbo youth BOUNCE BACK.


Let's Grow Like Wildflowers

LeaderLife | 2020

The rolling dust storms are behind us for now, and with all of the challenges of 2020, this artwork pays tribute to the importance of true-blue community; especially when faced with chaotic adversities. This time last year our country looked like a sad dust bowl, and now it’s painted in happy and colour. Like wildflowers you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would. LeaderLife is an organization digging deep to help kids every day in Dubbo, ultimately so they can live their best life. LeaderLife’s motto of ‘Let’s Grow’ symbolises the never give up attitude of finding real solutions for kids having a tough time. It takes a village to grow strong young people so they can stand tall, resilient and show up well in the world just like our wildflowers.


Tuning in Together with Friends

The children of Dubbo's early childhood education and childcare centres | 2020

Mental Health Month is celebrated every October and is a time when we recognise all the amazing services and individuals who help in the vital work of supporting us all to achieve and maintain happy healthy minds.

This work evolved over a couple of discussions between those services who support families with young children (primarily 0-12 year olds). These little people are some of the most vulnerable individuals in our communities and as such deserve all the support they can get as they learn to navigate their way through an increasingly complex childhood and especially during this year of complete upheaval and uncertainty that is facing us all as we work through the  added issue of a pandemic.

We thought to involve as many children as possible in the creation of this artwork and so the idea of a Giant Jigsaw Puzzle came into being. All of our early childhood education and care centres were invited to participate and each group was given a piece of the puzzle to decorate as they wished.

The whole notion reinforces the idea that we are all just a small part of the big picture and it’s only when we Tune in Together that we can start to make sense of the whole. ~ Lorna Brennan on behalf of the Even Superheroes Need a Mental Health Day Sometimes Committee


Social Programming in Black and White

Lachlan Naef | Acrylic Paint on ply panel | 2020

With this work, the artist is making a commentary on the proliferation of social media and the impact it has on our lives. From what we might choose to view, to our purchasing habits and our responses to other posts, we are creating a digital footprint that can be tracked and potentially subverted.