23 January – 17 April 2016

Western Plains Cultural Centre

School excursion package – Primary Schools


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Visual Arts Years K-6  Syllabus: Art making and Appreciating

Design and Technologies Syllabus F-10: Knowledge and

understanding (Materials and technologies), and Processes and production skills


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21st Century Learning 


ShapeShifters: 3D printing for the future highlights the work of an industrial designer, a bioengineer and five artists working in a wide range of media. This very engaging and visually stimulating exhibition shows how 3D printing has made the impossible possible and will encourage dialogue about the potential global societal and economic impacts of this technology.


What is 3D printing?

A 3D printer creates three dimensional objects by converting a digital model into horizontal slices and then printing one slice at a time (from the bottom up) until the final object is completed.


Video: What can you make with a home 3D printer?  (2min) - Click Here


There are many different types of 3D printers and they range in size from desk top models to 3D printers big enough to create houses. 3D printers can create objects in a wide variety of materials including polymers, metals, ceramics and concrete.


Video: Kamer Maker Builds World’s First 3D Printed House (3min 23sec) - Click Here 


Although 3D printers have been around for decades they have recently come to prominence because of the exponential growth in computer technology and the availability of more capable, easy to use and often free 3D computer design packages.  The increase in personal technology items such as laptops, iPads and iPhones have made 3D design packages much more accessible.


By providing a relatively cheap method of producing customised items 3D printers are having a major impact in many different disciplines including medicine, art making and industrial design.


Video: 3D Jaw implant (52sec) - Click Here


Video: Craft Cube: Michael Eden & Wedgwoodn't Tureen (3min 44sec) - Click Here




WPCC School Excursion Package

An introduction to 3D printing and some of the free 3D printing computer design packages suitable for primary school children followed by a tour of ShapeShifters: 3D printing for the future by a member of the WPCC staff. The students will see a 3D printer in operation and get an opportunity to examine a range of objects created by 3D printing.


School groups larger than 20 students will be split into smaller groups and each group will have their own tour guide.

Cost $5 per student.  Duration one hour.


We welcome self-guided tours however please book your visit and note that teachers must remain with groups at all times. Larger groups of students must be split into groups of no more than 15 students accompanied by one adult. We reserve the right to ask groups to leave if their behaviour is inappropriate.







Image Credit: Lukasz Karluk (Code on Canvas)HoloDecks Peaks20143d print using MakerBot.3d render (Credit: Lukasz Karluk)350mm long x 270mm deep x 160mm high