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Jeff McCann

Flute Bags

Flute Bags Website


Created by Jeff McCann, originally from Dubbo, Flute Bags are made in Sydney from locally sourced repurposed cardboard. They are water resistant and come in four sizes: clutch, handbag, shoulder bag and backpack

 Joe Shallhoub

Pelican Glass


Joe is a licensed builder, cabinet maker, glazier, private pilot, flight radio operator, powderman class 3 and musician. He has thirty five years experience in lead lighting, mirrors, lamps, glazing, hot glass, wall hangers, tableware, jewellery, sculptures, mosaics and teaching.


“I like to experiment with a wide range of techniques, colour and texture variations to create optical illusions and spectacular visual effects,” - Joe Shalhoub


By Anna Kaineder


Anna Kaineder is a potter/maker based in rural NSW. "I aim to make functional ceramic pieces that are rich with 'earth and light,'" - Anna Kaineder.

Keith Rowe

Glass Artist


Keith Rowe’s ideas are drawn from glass blowing traditions, such as the Venetian decorative techniques, his interest in the local environment and his interest in photography (many of his works have painterly narratives). His exciting, decorative glass shows the work of one of Australia’s most prolific and talented glass artists.

Jack Randell

Multidisciplinary Artist

Fishdog Website

Based in Dubbo, Jack Randell works across a range of disciplines. A range of his "painted photographs" featuring regional localities are available at the Western Plains Cultural Centre. In response to these works, Simryn Gill said, "He draws us into thinking about how long a look it takes to see clearly."

Madeleine Taylor

'Madeleine Designs'

All of Madeleine's collection is made from the glass she has found at local Sydney beaches. Selecting and hand drilling each piece to create her necklaces. earrings and bracelets, the pure talent that goes into these handcrafted masterpieces is amazing.