Taking place at the Western Plains Cultural Centre in the Drama Room in the Community Arts Centre, Smokescreen brings Dubbo residents the opportunity to witness iconic and influential films from the history of cinema. In 2018, Smokescreen featured the Classics; the films we return to over and over again which rise to the top because they become universal. In 2019, Smokescreen focused on films that are based of timeless pieces of literature, exploring the age-old question of -  Is the book really better than the film?. The theme for 2020 is ‘From the Playwright’s Desk’. Films that were originally written for, and presented on the stage. Usually taking place in only a few locations, these ‘limited setting’ films bring the focus on the psychology of the characters. And in their confinement, there is little escape.
Join us on Saturday Afternoons at 4.00 pm once a month to witness the Smokescreen magic for yourself. 
Please contact Reception for ticketing enquiries 6801 444.
Check out the sessions for 2018, 2019 and 2020 below.