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Hire A Space

From formal functions, community meetings or hands on creativity we have a space to suit. We offer a destination for gatherings where your guests have flexibility in how they spend their free time from our Art Gallery, Museum or surrounding parks with the modern comforts of our facility and Café. Events within our centre are unique in setting and provide an innovative and creative environment for collaboration, learning business and enjoyment.
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Meetings & Functions

Image of Auditorium


With high ceilings this light filled space offers endless opportunities for your meeting or function.

Lecture Style up to 80, Classroom/Cabaret up to 40, U-Shape/Boardroom up to 30

Lecture - 8080.jpg
Classroom 40.jpg
Boardroom 30.jpg
2 Square metres 48.jpg
4 Square metres 24.jpg
Auditorium 22/23

Fixtures: Live stream meeting capabilities including, wall-mounted large screen, HDMI connectivity, lectern, microphone, room camera and speakers

Meeting Room 1

A contemporary meeting space allowing for robust dialogue 

or open consultation.

U Shape Style, up to 14 people

2 square metres 26.jpg
4 Square metres 13.jpg
Meeting Rooms.jpg

Fixtures: Large screen TV with HDMI connectivity

Image of Meetinf Room 1 boardroom setup
Image of Meeting Room 2

Meeting Room 2

A space where modern conveniences meet connectivity. An urban space for any virtual meeting requirements.

U Shape Style, up to 15 people

U Shape 15.jpg
2 Square metres 21.jpg
4 Square metres 10.jpg
Meeting Rooms.jpg

Fixtures: Live stream meeting capabilities including, television screen, HDMI connectivity, microphone & whole room camera and speakers

Meeting Room 3

A collaborative space that allows for creatives or formal functionality with a modern design for an inner city vibe.

Classroom Style up to 20, Boardroom Style up to 15, U-Shape up to 15

Classroom 20.jpg
Boardroom 15.jpg
U Shape 15.jpg
2 Square metres 21.jpg
4 Square metres 10.jpg
Meeting Rooms.jpg

Fixtures: Black glassboard

Image by The Climate Reality Project
Image by Kvalifik

Meeting Room 4

A dynamic space where digital elements compliment your traditional delivery for a stylish finish.

Classroom Style up to 15, Boardroom Style up to 15, U-Shape up to 15

Classroom 15.jpg
Boardroom 15.jpg
U Shape 15.jpg
2 Square metres 21.jpg
4 Square metres 10.jpg
Meeting Rooms.jpg

Fixtures: Black glassboard, large screen TV with HDMI connectivity


A contemporary space of polished concrete floors and expansive glass windows. Perfect for your after hours events.

Cocktail style up to 200, Dinner up to 80, Lecture up to 50        

Standing - 200.jpg
Dinner - 80.jpg
Lecture - 50.jpg
2 Square metres 102.jpg
4 square metres 51.jpg
Foyer 22/23

Fixtures: Television screen with USB connectivity and wired speakers.

Image of Foyer event
Image of Cafe Green Space

Cafe green space

A flexible outdoor green space adjacent to the cafe, ideal for an after hours special event.

Cocktail 50

Standing - 50.jpg
2m2 65.jpg
4m2 30.jpg
Cafe Courtyard 22/23

Fixtures: Bathroom facilities within the Centre

At The Centre SUBMARK black.png

Creative Communities

Our Community Arts Centre has spaces available that support the development, discovery and sustainability of Arts and Creative organisations. This building was built for education and now encompasses the delivery of various workshops, classes and studios within the Visual and Performing Arts.

The Quad

Enjoy an open space mixed with natural elements of greenery and trees. Your choice of closed or open gates the Schoolyard is intimate within open space. After-hours private use or as an additional to your room hire.

Cocktail 200, ceremonies 50

Standing - 200.jpg
Standing - 50.jpg
2 square metres 313.jpg
4 square metres 156.jpg
The Quad 22/23

Fixtures: Bathroom facilities within the CAC building

Image of CAC The Quad
Image of Meditation


A large room that lends itself to movement or lectures, with high ceilings and large windows the use of this room is boundless.

Lecture Style up to 30, Classroom/Boardroom Style up to 20

Lecture - 30.jpg
Classroom 20.jpg
2 Square metres 28.jpg
4 Square metres 14.jpg

Fixtures: None

Art Studio

This wet studio allows creatives an immersive experience where most mediums can be explored and discovered.

Classroom Style up to 30

Classroom 30.jpg
2 Square metres 30.jpg
4 Square metres 26.jpg
Art Studio 22/23

Fixtures: Sinks, drying racks and preparation benches

Image of CAC art Studio
Image by Taylor Heery - Ceramics

Ceramics Studio

A recent addition in response to our Cultural Plan, this studio was designed for sculpture and fine arts.

Classroom style up to 8

Classroom 8.jpg
2 Square metres 11.jpg
4 Square metres 5.jpg
Ceramics Studio 22/23

Fixtures: 6 sinks, 3 pottery wheels

Drama Studio

Perfect for the performing arts, with enhanced flooring, lighting and sound desk this studio provides an intimate setting for audiences or recording backdrop.

Tiered Theatre Style up to 60

Theatre - 60.jpg
2 Square metres 56.jpg
4 Square metres 28.jpg
Drama Studio 22/23

Fixtures: Tarkett flooring, AV including data projector, laptop, microphones, inbuilt speakers, Theatre technical including lighting console, and Soundcraft sound desk.

DRAMA - Lights and Lectern
Allow your guests quality refreshments and food. Creo Café is located within the centre and we work with them to ensure your catering reflects your event perfectly. Whether it is a quick refresh with a tea and coffee station,  longer grazing platter or a formal sit down you can select from our catering menu or work with the Creo Team to create something more unique to elevate your guests experience.
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Hire a Space

If you know what your event or function needs than send in your completed Venue Hire Agreements direct to our venue bookings officer or reach out through our Request Room Hire form below.

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